Tuesday, August 11, 2015

T for Tuesday - 3 more sleeps to Stamp Camp

 We went for my brothers birthday at a Korean BBQ Restaurant. The top photo shows the BBQ section where we put skewers of meat and it rotates on its own and cooks like a spit. I forgot to take pictures of the section where the food is kept and we go and collect our plateful and bring to the table to cook. Wonderful invention and so much nicer an easier for the restaurant.
 The second section was the Hot Pot where the pot sits on a hot plate and boils away, as you can see the pot is divided into two sections, one is for spicy soup and the other not spicy. We add all our meats and seafood and vegetables and cook and eat as we go. The soup ends up being so tasty with all that infusion. Definitely going back again.
 On Saturday we went to the Royal Queensland show or EKKA as it is famously known for, it proved to be the coldest windy week. We stood in line at 9am shivering in the cold wind of 5C, then the glorious sun came out. I will be show casing photos from the show over the next week as there are too many for one post.
 Cakes cakes and more cakes, some of them looked worse for wear as this was the second day, I dont know what they will look like as the days go on. Tomorrow is a special holiday for workers so they can go to EKKA, only in Australia do you get a holiday to go to a show hahahaha. 
 My favourite section is the preserves, this was lemon butter also my favourite
 Over to the craft section, I spotted this dress made out of rolled paper, the bodice was paper mache or decoupaged
 Another paper hair design, so very clever.
 This was not at the show, I got these from my favourite tea shop T2. Left pink box is Strawberries and Cream tea. Tins on the right will hold leaf tea for me to take to Stamp Camp this weekend woohoo I can't wait. The two sachets on the left were freebies. I went to get the tea strainer with the cute little tea spoon so I can fit it into the tins. I spotted the tea timer as got one as well. The book is full of recipes for desserts and tea. Will share what I make from them in the coming weeks and months.

I was invited to participate in a global postcard project called Dear Richmond during the UCI Road World Cycling Championship in September.

"Dear Richmond is a global exhibition hosted by Big Planet, Small World. Our goal is to connect cultures and celebrate our unity while highlighting what makes us unique. This is your opportunity to show a world wide audience what you love about your city or country...to share your piece of the world with everyone." 

You can participate too. Either by sending a postcard or visiting the event.

"Stop by our booth at The Championships and receive a free Richmond postcard in return and find out what we think makes our city of Richmond so great.

**please allow enough time for postcards to arrive by August 30, 2015 - send to:

Big Planet, Small World
Dear Richmond Project
P.O. Box 1512
Richmond, VA. 23218 USA"

Joining Elizabeth and Bluebeard for T for Tuesday


  1. Here we collect our own food too and you can eat a lot of things: barbecue, fish, pasta, salad, etc because your food is weighed so you pay per kilo.It is good but we get lost with so many things to eat.Love the paper dress!Very creative and the cakes!Your book seems amazing and the postcard project is superb!Have a magical Tuesday!

  2. Wow, what a great post Bridget - love your wee tea collection, and that post card swap sounds fun - as for that meal - I am drooling already. The show look fabulous!!

  3. I've eaten Korean BBQ before, but never had it the way you did. We gather our ingredients and take it to a chef who prepares the food on a big grill. Have never seen the spit, so that was really fun. And the cook pot is unique, too. I would need the not spicy.

    Wow, that show is fantastic. That dress blew me away! I can see why the show would be so popular.

    I really MUST get out my T2 box and use some of the tea I was sent from Australia. I keep forgetting until I see it on your blog. And I can't get over the timer, either.

    Thanks for sharing your Korean BBQ, your wonderful T2 tea and accouterments, and the Royal Queensland show with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday! I have never tasted Korean BBQ but from the sound and look of it, I would certainly enjoy it!

    Glad to hear I am not the only one who has "inherited" perhaps too many craft supplies!

    I enjoyed seeing the paper art--especially the dress since it included flowers. Hope you share some tea recipes you try on T day! What fun!

  5. I can tell I would enjoy that Korean restaurant. I'm looking forward to more photos of that show, and I want to hear all about the stamp camp. You're having a fun summer! :)

  6. Your post is just full of goodness! We love Korean BBQ. But our favorite is Beef Bulgogi and Kimchi with steamed rice. YUM!!! Thank you for taking us to the show. I just love seeing all the food and crafts. Happy Happy Tday!!! Hugs! deb

  7. Love the look of the restaurant, that food is always so good. Those paper artworks are fantastic, too. Happy T Day, Valerie

  8. I think I'd enjoy the BBQ. I was impressed with that paper dress. Shows like that are good for inspiration aren't they? You are certainly all set in the tea department with your new goodies.


  9. I've never tried Korean BBQ but it looks like something I'd enjoy. The arts and craft exhibit makes me think of our county and state fairs. I really enjoy walking through all those exhibits seeing the handiwork.

  10. I've never had Korean BBQ before, so that was really interesting--thanks for sharing.

    I agree with Halle--the show you visited reminds me of the Minnesota State Fair. I love seeing the baked goods, preserves, and handicrafts at our fair, too. There are also livestock exhibits at our fairs, and I love seeing the cute sheep, goats, & cows.

    Heehee, I liked your comment about your daughter trying to visit as many beaches as possible. Even though I haven't blogged about it, we have been visiting the beach once or twice per week this summer. We just go to the same one over and over again, unlike our library project. Less drive time=more swim time. :)

    Enjoy Stamp Camp and have fun drinking your tea there!

  11. What an enjoyable post! Thanks for taking us to the fair with you. I love fairs like that. Lots to look at.
    I've never had Korean food. It looks interesting. Was it good?
    I love that newspaper art. So clever!
    I think you bought some really nice things. I'm sure you're going to have a great time at the Stamp Camp. Hope you will tell us all about it when you come back.
    Have fun,

  12. looks like a very fun event...perhaps similar to the County Fairs that we have in the U.S.? Cake is always good! arts and crafts even better! love your new blog header image too! happy T day!

  13. I don't think I have ever had Korean food--kabobs and soup. Looks interesting.
    The booths and the ribbons remind me of the state fair. Love the goodies you are bringing to Stamp Camp. That little spoon and infuser is just the cutest. Enjoy!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. I like that amazing dress! Thank you for sharing! patsy


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