Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WOYWW 323 - 2 more sleeps to Stamp Camp

I didn't have anything to show on my desk because I am packing to go to a Stamp camp on Friday for three days, I can't wait woohooo. This is my first stamp camp in Australia that I will be attending. Brookfield Convention Centre Only 40 minutes drive from where I live. It looks like a wonderful relaxing place. I will be taking photos and sharing next week of course and I will have desk photos of what we get up to.
Currently we have a show on at the showgrounds where there is lots to see and prizes to be won. I ventured into the pavilion and saw the craft section, above is the first prize. I see about 7 books folded and joined together.
The above photo shows the Scrapbooking section hmm I think its the wrong section they put the ribbon on LOL, but isnt that carousel gorgeous as well as that box with all the drawers, I see the note saying Creative Section. More craft pictures of the show are HERE

 Lisca asked me last week how I put up the screen on that large garage door in my craft room so I thought I'd show here in case anyone else wanted to know how to do it. Its a white door frame with the mosquito screen attached to it like you attach it to a screen door. It has little tabs to hold the screen to the door and I can just flick it up and remove the screen.
This is the view without looking through the screen, glorious isnt it, well I do look at someone else house but its a bigger and better view and lets a lot of light into the craft room.
This postcard was sent by a fellow WOYWWer Shaz, it is of the Eden Project A History of Flowers
very interesting project thank you Shaz.

I was invited to participate in a global postcard project called Dear Richmond during the UCI Road World Cycling Championship in September.

"Dear Richmond is a global exhibition hosted by Big Planet, Small World. Our goal is to connect cultures and celebrate our unity while highlighting what makes us unique. This is your opportunity to show a world wide audience what you love about your city or share your piece of the world with everyone." 

You can participate too. Either by sending a postcard or visiting the event.

"Stop by our booth at The Championships and receive a free Richmond postcard in return and find out what we think makes our city of Richmond so great.

**please allow enough time for postcards to arrive by August 30, 2015 - send to:

Big Planet, Small World
Dear Richmond Project
P.O. Box 1512
Richmond, VA. 23218 USA"

Joining Julia's Stamping Ground for more views of craftiness around the world.


  1. Bridget it must have been a wonderful outing to attend your show and see all the creativity there (even if it may have been mis-labelled :-)

  2. O wow! There must be lots of amazing things to see in that show!!! Thanks for posting! patsy

  3. I love the map at the top of your blog, it's very clever. Your atc arrived, thank you so much (it makes a starring appearance on an otherwise boring post today!) Helen 5

  4. This show sure looks interesting! Do they provide recipes for the displayed preserves and cakes? Thanks for sharing!
    Gabriele 6

  5. Congrats on being number 1 this week! How exciting to be off to a stamp camp for 3 days! And the pictures from the craft show are wonderful (I also took a look at your other post). When I visited Melbourne I went to a craft fair, and also another one when I went to Sydney so I know there are a lot of great crafts over there. I came home with a silver teapot and spoons and forks that were turned into a chime.
    Enjoy your camp! Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@3

  6. Enjoy your Stamp Camp!! Sound fabby!


  7. love the picture at the top - really helps put it into perspective. have a great stamp camp :) the show looked fab i really liked the box with draws not sure what the rolled books won for or why they were going for so much money!? :/
    happy woyww
    Charlie #8
    or find me here

  8. Another interesting post Bridget. Those photos of the fair are great. Like Mrs C, I don't see why the 7 rolled up books won.... they look a mess. The paper dress (yesterday) was much more impressive. But I agree, the carousel is lovely.
    Thank you for explaining about the mosquito netting on your garage door. Looking at the photo they are two strips sewn together. I wondered...
    Have a good time at Stamp Camp.

    1. Yes there wasnt a strip of gauze wide enough to do the whole door so there are two strips. I still havent sewn them together yet, I dont think the mozzies know there is a whole there to fly in lol

  9. Do have a wonderful time at the stamp Camp - sounds wonderful. Have a great week . Soojay 22

  10. Wow... I wished that I have been to that show as well... I am so excited when people tells about their visits to such events :) - Thank you ever so much for sharing.
    Kind regards

  11. Hi Bridget, I got your gorgeous ATC, it's featuring on my desk today. So glad you got the postcard. Your stamp camp sounds like it will be wonderful, have a lovely time, won't you? Look forward to the pics. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  12. The stamp camp sounds fabulous and your Mozzie screen is super clever. Have a great week
    sandra de @41

  13. I love those show displays! Gorgeous. You must having so much fun--we don't get nearly enough crafty expos where I live. Have a great week! Sandy Leigh #38

  14. What fun to get to go to a stamp show. They are having one a whole day's drive from me this week-end. I would have to stay two nights in a motel. Couldn't find anyone to go with me either! I do like that box with all the drawers; pretty neat! I hope you have fun at the stamp show, and look forward to next week's post. #30

  15. That folded book is amazing! What a clever thing to do. Hope you enjoy the stamp camp and come back with lots of ideas :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xx

  16. Wonderful looking show. Have a great time at stamp camp. Peg CRC 52

  17. That's a very interesting map at the top of your blog, are the other countries actually to size?
    If they are then Australia really is much larger than I thought. I am planning to collect together a few postcards for you but it may be sometime before I can send them. We are going to the East Coast at the end of August and I thought I would try and collect some while I was there. Got your ATC yesterday, many thanks for that, it's lovely and I like the stamp on the envelope too.
    Wishing you a great woyww, Angela x 24

    1. Hello Angela,Surprisingly those other countries are to scale compared to Australia, I googled and measured. Very clever map huh

  18. Oh wow, those folded books are just gorgeous! A Stamp camp you say? That sounds like a lot of fun! Happy crafting and happy woyww, Hug from Sunny Holland Marit #36

  19. Some interesting artwork from the creative show! Hope you have fun at Stamp Camp! Happy WOYWW (a couple of days late) from Laura #48


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