Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mystery Postcard - Colin Hinz Ontario Canada

I received a mystery postcard today that I have no idea what I am getting it. Its a nice thing but I will  have to send one back to find out what it is all  about. It could be from A Month of Letters but normally we get in contact with each and promise snail mail.

So I hope Colin Hinze from Ontario Canada reads my blog and can set the record straight, or I will just have to wait until my return postcard will shed some light.

This is the backside of the card, isnt it gorgeous will all the stamps on it


  1. Love those stamps - and the wee saying about art!!

  2. Is it a Postcrossing postcard that the ID was forgotten perhaps? Probably worth putting in a search request.

  3. Always fun to have a mail mystery to solve. And your envelope to me was on my blog yesterday if you'd like to see how it traveled.

  4. Great postcard they no longer make 1 cent stamps anymore in Canada either :)


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