Thursday, April 28, 2016

Postcrossing Meeting Cards

Members of Postcrossing organise meetings or get togethers where we meet other members and sign postcards for swapping with members around the world. Some of these postcards are specially created and are very nice. I have taken a liking to them and started collecting them when i have had one to trade with other meeting attendees. This card was made for the meeting I attended last year. 

In June 2016 Vanessa and I are organising a get together in Toowoomba Queensland and we have both made a meeting card each. Mine is created with words of anything postcrossing related

Vanessa has created this one which depicts the gorgeous Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba, of course the real card is without the thumb in the left hand corner


  1. How pretty! You really are involved with a variety of post writing groups! :)

  2. I love your postcard designed with words in the shape of Australia - very professional!

  3. What fun! I like the postcard you did in the shape of Australia. Very clever!

  4. Love the way you have made your card Bridget - it's stunning


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