Friday, July 01, 2016

Interesting Reading

On the weekend of 4 June 2016, Sydney Australia had a tsunami cloud, the weather wrecked havoc. I have never seen a tsunami cloud before.

Hot Dog Princess..what a wonderful story of a 5 year old wanting to be herself

Wonderful story of a boy sneaking hugs and kisses from a neighbourhood dog Josh Breaux

For those crafters out there, a wonderful story of Heartfelt Creations started

Australia has the best cakes that I know of, you will find here:
Jelly Cakes, Marble Cake, Jam Sponge Roll

Wish I had known these when my girls were young, great way to entertain your child at home

What great ideas for meals for time poor individuals and just to give ourselves more crafting time
Freezer Bag Recipes

Always love one pot dinners

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