Friday, July 15, 2016

Interesting Reading

Downsizing is what is on most peoples minds these days if you've watched Tiny Houses on tv, well this couple turned a Cubby House into their home while they save for their dream home.

Here is an interesting concept to get people off the computer or technology. Mysterious stack of books.

8 things you need to keep you safe when you are stranded

I love my bananas but I dont think I will be making Banana Wine any day soon.

5 of the dirtiest spots in your kitchen. Even if you meticulously clean your kitchen, and believe it to be squeaky-clean, chances are its still home to nasties that are bad for your health.

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  1. I love looking at tiny houses, but would never fit into one with all my art & craft supplies. A one-bedroom apartment is as small as I want to go--LOL!

    I'm trying to read more these days. The little libraries make more sense to me as the books are kept out of the weather. You can take and leave books for free. Have you heard about those? And then there's where people trade books through the mail or "release books to the wild". I'm reading one right now I got from bookcrossing. :)


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