Sunday, October 09, 2016

World Post Day

Today is World Post Day

Last year Australia Post put out those wonderful solar system stamps that I made envelopes for that were very popular amongst my recipients

National Awareness Days

There is also a Letter Writing Competition for young people, I wonder what generation will do this! It will be sad to see letter writing completely disappear to texting and emails.

So I was surprised to find how young these winners were and how articulate their
writing was and very interesting. I cant wait to read the 2016 winning letters

I've always wondered what will happen in the future generations when letter writing goes out of style and post offices are no longer needed. World Post Day October 9th has a competition to write to ones 45 year old self for the younger generation. Well I've passed that age so I'll write about my 45 year old self and share it one day if I can remember what I did a decade ago lol.

2015 1st Prize winning letter Sara Jadid 13 years Lebanon
3rd Prize Leonardo Silva Brito 15 yearsBrazil

And here is the LINK to the past winners, its interesting to see that the
majority of them are from the third world. 

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