Thursday, February 09, 2017

Knitted Dishcloths - Waffle knit - Diagonal Seed

I have been a busy bee knitting dishcloths/facewashers since I learnt how, from my aunt in October. December saw me knitting furiously to make Christmas presents when we were in Melbourne. I will show you the flawed ones first.

Everyone that I have knitted so far has been easy.

Diagonal Seed

 So I must have gotten distracted with this one and missed the line of knit and turned the pattern  backwards lol. So I saw online how to pick up stitches. This is great wehn you have done as much as I had and didnt notice the mistake. This is where you can get the free pattern

So my robo cleaner decided to put it self to work and ran straight to my knitting and wound the wool which was hanging off the table and undid a few rows deep. I had to think very hard how to pick the stitches up in the middle. Below is the finished dishcloth showing the backside of the work. This one is called Waffle Knit

Come back tomorrow and the following days and I will have more to show.

How to block your work to make it straight 
(I have not done it to any of mine so far, just need a clear surface to do it)

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  1. Great knitting Bridget - a a steep learning curve on the stitches needing to be picked up or corrected. :-)


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