Friday, April 07, 2006

My Crafting

I believe I've been crafty since I was little, juddging by all the mudcakes I made as a child and using the limited resources on hand. The real crafty me emerged when I started sewing my own clothes at about 10, doing cottage craft in my 20's, taking on scrapbooking and then moving onto card making and altering objects that didn't move.

My true calling, which is a combination of love and passion came with the card making which I started pursuing in May 2003 in Adelaide, South Australia. I learnt all the basics and experimented on lots more that has made me the crafter I am today. Met some wonderful people there in the stamping arena including Leandra, Jenny, and Joanne, they all run their own successful online businesses selling crafting items.

In July 2003 I had to go over to Arizona USA to visit my husband and stayed there for 2.5 months, I met Jackie had a great time and learnt so much and drank too much tea, she has a lovely family and we remain the best of friends. Check out her artwork. She is a prolific and talented artist in her own right, here is another album of hers. While in the US I learnt that most things started here and they have so much to buy, its insane.

About the same time I met Sandra online who lives in Sydney, we swap crafts as well and have a good old online yarn regularly.

I can't remember how or when I joined an online group in the US called PennyWiseArts, owned and run by Suzanne and Brian Glazier, I have learnt a lot and made lots of friends and one day I'd like to visit them in Seattle. They bestowed upon me the honour of Artist of the week on their website. I met online through PWA Yahoo Group, some wonderful people like Anna, Evelyn, Denise and Marjie whom I swap crafts regularly, there are lots of other members who continually keep me in stitches.

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