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What a curious title you say!!! Well you are right, but then again I am a perculiar being, hence the title of this website, but the origins of BDEM started from PennyWiseArts group which you will read about in my entry called MY CRAFTING. There are 4 lovely ladies (oh that includes me!!!), who trade ATCs regularly, at first it was Evelyn and Denise and then I begged to come on board which was Sep 2005 and then Evelyn mentioned it to Marjie and she begged even harder than me to get into this 'exclusive group'. So the title is the first letter of our first names. We started off trading 3 cards per month, no theme, just go with the flow. Then when Marjie came on board we went down to 2 a month, because these were exclusive and a small number each card is designed with a lot more care and expense (at least on my part-I don't know about the rest, they might just be able to spit these out easily but not me).

So here is a sneak peak with their permission to show off our cards....

Evelyn's Art

Denise's Art

Marjie's Art

We call ourselves the Fairy Godmothers from the Disney classic "Sleeping Beauty", Evelyn is Flora, Denise is Fauna, I am Merryweather and Marjie is Sleeping Beauty (only because there were only 3 fairy godmothers in the story. So Marjie made these cards for us using that theme:

The above atc inside the black frame is made with fabric, stamped on and coloured with sharpie pen.

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