Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why did I choose to blog?

Well I have always looked at blogs and wondered why people would make them and in reading a few blogs I realise people used these online album/diaries for various reasons and I have enjoyed them.

Now my reasons for creating my first blog are simple, I have a large family of aunts, uncles and cousins all over the world and I am always keeping in touch with them via email, attaching photos etc which can be quite time consuming, so this blog idea is awesome for me.

Curious title? Yes and you are right in asking why FRUIT SALAD, well this blog is about me, my life and I and thats where Fruit Salad comes in. I was born of Chinese descent on a gorgeous Pacific Island called Fiji, in the capital called Suva, raised there until I was 22, was taught by English teachers, so I picked up the English accent and quirks, worked for a New Zealand company, married an Australian for 16 years and then married an American (there was a divorce inbetween).

Now this combination of sorts caused curiosity both on the phone and in person, I would quite often be asked what my accent was and I would get suggestions of South African, Hawaiian, Indian, English and now I have an American twang. The South African suggestion came because of the Indian and Fijian accent influence with a touch of British. I am one of those beings that can switch accents after a bit of exposure.

So in the end I would just say that I was a Fruit Salad.


  1. Dear Bridget

    Well from the sounds of it, you've led a very colourful life with some interesting stories to tell, no doubt.

    I like the 'Fruit Salad' title .... it does sum up your background/experiences just perfectly.

    Oh yes - the B&W picture on your profile ... absolutely stunning. You should have been a model. Maybe you can do that on the side, in between full time work, family and crafts .... yes that age old problem ... not enough hours in the day.

    Your 'blog' is great.

    Ruth Spitzer

  2. Wow...
    Guess I better do more stuff, so I can get MY name mentioned on this fabulous blog sometime!


    Lady Chat

  3. Bridget, Beautiful story from a beautiful person, inside and out!! your arwork, keep us posted on your wonderful work. From one of you PWA friends!
    Lori A-O


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