Saturday, October 08, 2011

Granny (Jessie Ah Sam's 90th birthday August 22, 2009

This happened in August 2009

I spent a few months collecting photos via email and
rumbling through all my stash of digital photos
to come up with an idea I saw at MSG my Monday
stamping group to make a flowerpot
for my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration
on August 22nd 2009 that was held
in Brisbane.

The flowers took a couple of months to decorate
and it took 3 full days to assemble,
certainly a work of love.
Each time I looked at a photo of a relative I
would reminisce about the memories I had of each one.
An emotional journey for me.

Our family is scattered far and wide throughout the world
England, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Fiji
and Australia.

Some relatives I hadn't even met or have vague
memories of,came to this auspicious occasion
and was like a reunion for the whole family.

I was blown away by the amount of extended family that lived
in Brisbane that were able to attend, some of whom
I only remembered as a little girl growing up in Fiji.

It was overwhelming for me so I can imagine
how my grandma felt seeing all of us together
especially as it was a surprise for her.
I was hoping she would not get an angina attack
at seeing us all.

Front of the flowerpot, there were 55 flowers

Back view of the flower pot with the photos and names

Granny blowing out her candle

Uncle Devlin's speech


  1. Bridget what a gorgeous marvellous present! Am bowled over by it - it's such a full on gift of love. And of course, it looks beautiful! Your snowy blog background makes me smile....wishful thinking for you, huh!!

  2. Oh Bridget, this is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful post altogether, with your glorious present with all the family represented by a fabulous bouquet of flowers, and the marvellous videos, and your uncle's beautiful prayer... Got a tear in my eye! Your granny looks so happy, and what a good puff she had to blow out her candles!!

    Since I posted about liking your snowy background I've realised where you live, and laugh with Julia about the snow!! I've heard you Aussies have to make do with cotton wool at Christmas!

    What a lovely post.



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