Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kusudama Flower

Isn't this bouquet of flowers gorgeous?

It's called an Origami Kusudama Flower.
I first saw it in this magazine
So here is my photo tutorial so you can go and create your own gorgeous Kusudama Flower Bouquet.
I use those 6 inch x 6 inch paper pads, so easy and they are double sided.
 Fold in half corner to corner
 Fold the right flap to form a half triangle
Fold the left flap to form another half triangle 
 Fold both flaps back out again in half
 Put your finger inside and open up and flatten
 Like this
 That's two done now
Go ahead and fold down the point in line with the top edge
 do this to both sides
 Then fold that flap in  half
 both sides, so that you are back to a square
 Added strong double sided tape, this eventually flipped open so I resorted to using the hot glue gun
 A tip when using those red liner double sided tape, I put some cheap double sided tape down on a scrap paper and stuck the rubber backing from the red liner tape onto this because those suckers just want to stick to your fingers.
 So this is what one petal looks like after the sticky tape
 You need 5 to complete a flower
 Red liner tape on all petals
 This is it put together
 Before you join the last petal to the first, put your stem in, I used the hot glue gun to do this
 I added ribbon to hide the joins at the bottom of the flower

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

You can see the tutorial as a video here

Leave me a message and tell me what you think of it and if  you will attempt it, believe me its very easy. And I'd love to see what you create so leave me your blog address

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  1. Beautiful tutorial. This is what inspires me and what I do on my Etsy shop. Thank you.


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