Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend at Mollymook

I mentioned in yesterdays post our weekend away
at Mollymook, gorgeous place right on the beach.
We had dinner at the Mollymook Golf Club.
I wasn't very hungry and ordered an entree
of Buffalo wings, well when it arrived it
was entree size hee hee, 3 single wings, luckily
I ordered some chips to go with it.
Anyway we went home and there was a 
yummy chocolate cake made by the very 
talented Sharon and I couldn't even eat that.
So the 3 chicken wings were probably enough for me.
oh I know why I was so full, I had made
a 7 layer dip for lunch and it was yummy,
Instead of lettuce I put cucumbers and tomatoes.
I think I had too much.
Anyway this is the card I very productively made

The background is a stamp from Stampin Up called
Parlor Prints 125026 page 100 
Ideas Book and Catalogue 2011-2012
The card has 2 1/2 flaps, 2 flaps measure 11cm 
 and the third flap is half that size, width is 14.75cm
Embossed in gold.
The medallion die is by Nellie (I think)

A sneak peek at the stuff I am playing with on my desk.
Surprisingly the desk is still clean lol.
Funny how when ones desk is clean you don't 
want to craft and mess it up.
And when it's messy you just keep crafting 
and have piles and piles of stuff you have to rummage 
through to find what you want


  1. Great card, I was noseying on your desk and there are some very interesting items there especially those cut out shapes with a pink edge.
    Thanks for telling me about the photo booth as I think I have seen a similar thing here in the UK.

  2. oooh, nice card, Bridget! I think I'd better get out the photo booth that's still in its original box from several Christmases ago. And I have a coupon for Aaron Bros. framing and art store that will come in handy for a mini easel but I need to wait til I'm over this wretched cold. Sigh. Why does real life have to get in the way of my playing?

    I've noticed cards look so much better photographed than scanned and I like your use of an easel to display yours.

  3. I want to come play with your toys!


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