Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yep I missed a week
But I have a clean desk woohoo


 The photographic tent takes up a third of my 
150cm x 150cm desk dining table.
I finally got enough cheap lamps to act
as lighting, I only had 3 before and the
light sucked when I took photos

 Laid out the stamps I am going to use.
Some cute flowers I tried to make on the weekend away
down the coast. Was not very productive at all
but it was a nice weekend away with lovely
ladies Anna and Penelope and of course hubby
and adorable Zara the LARGE poodle.
She kept me in stitches with all her antics-
the funniest of all was when Michael was scratching
her belly, she was flat on her back with all 4 paws
sprawled out and one paw stuck right under
Michaels armpit, everytime he pulled the paw out
she'd shove it right back up there.
The rain poured down but crafting is enjoyed 
indoors so we were good

(ok I cheated these are not today's photos
but the clean desk one is)
Some progress in this photo.
Three projects going on at once hahaha!!!
Flowers, red strip of flowers and
a book of instructions for something
I am planning to design.
I won't say yet what it is or it might
give the game away!
There you go!! Today's photo of the whole desk
area, not very successful trying to clean up the
extended desk, ready for Saturday when my
crafting friends come over to play.


  1. Lovely creative desk.Have fab wednesday and creative week ahead
    hugs judex16

  2. A lovely space, all ready for some creativity, enjoy the week.

  3. Can see why you commented on my small space - wow! Love the views of your desk and must say what beautiful daughters you have.
    Thanks for sharing and your comment - Neet x

  4. You desk is lovely and neat! Mine is rarely ever tidied completely much as I would like it to be!

  5. Lovely craft space - enjoy the play date with your crafting friends :)
    Hugs, LLJ #41 xx

  6. Hi there Bridget great to meet another Aussie and you have had fun!congrats on tidy desk and Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x

  7. Great desk, I still think it's pretty tidy for your friends, happy crafting, thanks for sharing, much love, Jennibellie x

  8. Nice tidy desk. I've found that an OTT light works much better than those lamps and it doesn't get hot. One from the top works great.

  9. Great ongoing projects! Thanks for showing your creative space! :)
    Have a great day!
    Susan Lotus 76

  10. Wow. Your desk is very tidy. Unlike me you don't have to "burn the edges" of your photo to make your space look good!

    Thanks for visiting.
    cheers, rachel #22

  11. Lots of things to enjoy here! Never enough space huh!! Thanks for stopping by. Have fun today WOYWW.

  12. I clicked on your post BEFORE I put my glasses back on ....thought you had pretty pink flowers decorating your space ... now I can see they are your xx

  13. I've never measured my desk - but I think it's smaller than yours, even with your light tent up. Like the red lamps...they look like flowers waving about!

  14. I love all the pink lamps! Sounds like a good weekend despite the rain.

    Brenda 86

  15. Great spacious tidy workdesk and it looks like you are having fun, home and away!
    JoZarty x
    Thanks for popping in on me!

  16. It is always nice to have a clean desk even if it is only for a day! Thanks for stopping by. Jan #7

  17. Well done for that tidy desk. I reckon that a tidy desk just encourages you to get loads of stuff out to fill it and create things.

  18. Love the tidy bit, lol, but really love the full shot!! good girl!! nice and busy! so whats the instructions for then?
    Lou P #124

  19. Shame you couldn't catch your poodles antics on camera! Am very envious of your large work desk area. I don't think once a skill is learned that you ever loose it. It just gets a bit rusty with non use. Hugs Mrs A.

  20. yes, I thought your lights looks like tulips! Very tidy desk! Posh photo tent, mine's just an old black hat box, or a pillow case! and an old lamp with a day light bulb in it. Have a great crafty week
    Happy WOYWW

  21. Wonderful creative workspace, thanks for the peek and the photo tent!

    xoxo Marjo

  22. Thanks for coming and linking in on my What's on Tap Tuesday! I had a lovely visit with your blog... I'm inches away from getting a lamp tent. I'm so frustrated with the yellow tint that my cards get from trying to snap them under a regular incandescent bulb. As soon as I can figure out where the tent will live, I may just get it! *smile*
    #82 at WOYWW

  23. You have a lovely desk - looks a wonderful crafty space - great stamps too - hope you have fun !

  24. Such fun when friends come over to play. I asked in an email to you what WOYWW stands for. Duh! Thought it sounded familiar but couldn't place it til now. I need to wake up more before I go on line. Love your work space.

  25. Busy desk thanks fir visiting mine x

  26. Great desk! Love those pink lamps. They look like flowers sprouting out on your desk!

    I've just read your comment on Kezzy's blog about using your new Cricut for cutting non Cricut svgs - fairly recently Provocraft (Cricut manufacturer) took Make The Cut software to court and you can no longer use that software with the Cricut - I think Sure Cuts A Lot has suffered the same fate. Cricut's own "Design Studio" software falls very far short of either of those programs. Everyone who is into designing their own stuff is mega fed up with this whole business and think PC have shot themselves in the foot over it... So your options are now fairly limited with the latest Cricuts. I'm hoping to trade mine in fairly soon (not because of that - I've kept the old firmware version so can still use MTC) but because it's jusst so darn inaccurate and doesn't do what I want it to do!! Hope you get on OK with what you want to do, though.

    Love your snowy blog background! Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi # 97

  27. Busy you. Does the photo tent fold down for storage. I am late getting round the desks this week but have a great weekend.


  28. Hi Bridget, me again. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I ROFL'ed at you saying about the legs and not finding them - I also get that feeling ALL the time because I have a disability! I think I've lost my legs somewhere along the line Lol lol lol!!! Perhaps they are in the same place as my lost table legs!!

    Thank you for following my blog - someone else asked about contact by email and I've tried to set it up but it didn't work (I hate how un user-friendly blogger can be sometimes) and I don't know how to do it!! Anyway, if you sign up to follow me, I should appear in your blog list, and will move up the list when I post new stuff.

    Just off to see what you made granny!!

  29. Hi, I'm really late this week. So loving your desk and all the yumminess of craft bits on it. Shoshi has beat me to it regarding telling you about svg lol. If you have the older version then you can use svgs which alot of online shops who sell digi stamps and papers sell svgs. I use sure cuts a lot, and basically plug cricut into computer via usb. Sure cuts alot has already got shapes and letters etc (some great jigsaw puzzle pieces). It is a shame cricut has banned all there new cricuts from using this. I have to admit I wish I had listened to my OH he advised me to buy a different cutting machine, I thought it would be easier with cartridges but alot of them I don't like enough to spend the money on. Hope this helps, thanks to shoshi for helping me explain to. Kezzy x

  30. Tidy but productive desk. The dog obviously found a warm spot!


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