Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Camping at Dicky Beach

 I love the feature on my new phone called panorama, took this pano of Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park, where we went for a week of camping last week. It was glorious weather for the first 4 days then we got a heatwave.
 This is the kitchen facilities in our area of the camp ground, very clean and the best facilities we've seen in our camping trips. There was electricity to charge phones and cameras etc. free bbqs and even a stove. a fridge and freezer to put your food in.
 This is our kitchen area all set up, to the left is the sink area. The trailer held all the excess stuff that had no room in the camping area.
 This is the sleeping area with out bargain 7 man tent we got for $80. You can see my daughters legs in black pants reclining on my beautiful camp chair recliner
 I took another pano of the stream that flows into the camp ground, it was gorgeous with rocks in it, no one swims there, it looked too dirty
 Just wanted to show off my tan that I got, I only stayed in the sun 30 mins a day, I cant stand the heat or sun baking, unlike my daughter who lay in the sun for hours, of course she has a gorgeous tan.
This is Emma my youngest, I swear she has a tan but its not so visible in this photo and neither is mine LOL.
The photo above was taken at the Belvedere hotel where we all went to celebrate my birthday on November 8th the night before we went camping. We had a platter for two and shared it amongst 3 of us, and we were all full from it. I was laughing so hard because I wanted a photo with the name of the hotel in it and there was none behind us so Michael grabbed the menu and stuck it behind my ear...see his cheeky grin!!!
You can see more of our trip HERE


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous trip!! Love your tan lines. :-)

  2. What a wonderful trip - just wish I had half your tan :-)

  3. great photos! very civilised camping!!


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