Sunday, November 23, 2014

T for Fruitcake Drink

It's Christmas time again, that means Fruit Cake, its English tradition and being born in Fiji we take on a lot of English traditions. Now that I live in Australia the tradition is also here.

I had a grand uncle in Fiji who would bake and bake and bake light fruit cake prior to Christmas. we always looked forward to getting one of his cakes. Of course its a family secret so I don't think I will ever get it as I am not direct descendent of his.

I have googled and asked for light fruit cake recipes and have received and found a few, so I am going to try them out this year. If they turn out I'll be sharing the recipes here.

Of course the first step is to steep the mixed fruit in liqueur.

One year I soaked the fruit and never got around to making the cake..then three years passed and I finally gave the fruit to my friend and asked her to make it as I couldn't bring myself to bake...was very strange.

So the drink today is liqueur.

I took a whiff of the fruit and I nearly passed out, it was so strong and so horrid (only because I don't drink liquor). I do however know the cake is awesome and I do eat my liquor hahahahaha.

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T for Tuesday.

Edited: 26 Nov. Robyn Josephs kindly shared a recipe with me so I'll share it here for you all
Easy, Last Minute Christmas Cake
This cake has no added sugar or fat (suitable for a range of diets) but is still really sweet and rich. It should be stored in the fridge and eaten within one week.
(I baked mine on 2 days before Christmas and left on the counter by a chilly window and it was fine.)
2 cups of golden raisins
1 1⁄4 cups water and remaining liquor from the cherries and raisins.
1 and a quarter cups of white whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour. 
1 1⁄2 cup dried cherries that had soaked in bourbon/rum for a few days
1 1⁄2 pecans (
Don’t soak the nuts.)
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1 teaspoon of allspice
4 tablespoons of apple cider.
Heat the raisins and water until the dates are soft. Remove from heat and mash with a fork or food processor. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. Spoon into a greased tube pan ad level top*. Bake at 340F for about an hour and a half until cooked.
Once cooled the nut topping can be glazed with a little syrup (melt some sugar into hot water) or you can ice traditionally.
*I used a spring form tube pan, well greased. Also, my mother made a similar cake and always neatly placed pecan halves in the bottom of the pan, then served the cake bottom side up. The nuts made a nice decoration. 


  1. That's quite a strong drink you've got for T Day! My mom's church sells fruitcakes as a fundraiser, but they don't put liquor in theirs, nor do they soak the fruits that they use. That's the only kind of fruitcake that I like. It tastes nice and fresh without the alcohol masking the flavors of the other ingredients. But I know that some people do like their boozy fruitcakes. :)

  2. Hello and Happy T Day! I've never had fruitcake before, all the bad things I hear about it makes me afraid to try it. Maybe one day I will be brave. Have a good week!

  3. my grandmothers used to make "tutti fruiti" . It was a crock that had a bit of brandy in it and they would throw in pieces of fruit and it sat on the counter and they would ladle it on cake and ice-cream . The smell alone could knock you out!
    I do love a good fruit cake, and if I can find it I have a great recipe and will pass it on to you.

  4. I made my own fruitcake one year. I started with candied fruit and soaked it in brandy. Mine was very, very heavy, though. I think the thing that turns people, including myself, off is the citron you get in most commercial fruitcakes.

    I voted for your card, so I hope you win.

    Thanks for sharing this drink with us for T this week, as well as the start of your fruitcakes. Like you, I would be very drunk on the first bite!

  5. Wonderful ! That reminds me of my granny Marie - she made a large pot during the year ... she called it
    RUM TOPF ( rum pot)
    and it was delicious!
    Happy T-Day !!!

  6. I make a big old fruit cake, steep the fruit overnight in cold tea,just to make it plump for baking but after the cake is baked, I 'feed' it with a couple slugs of brandy or sherry every couple of weeks till Christmas. And if you google Christmas Cake, the recipes won't talk about 'light' fruit cakes if they're English recipes! Happy baking!

  7. Ooh, I'm all for alcohol in fruit cakes. I made my cake in September, so it all has time to mature before eating at Christmas :D
    Your card is beautiful, I really hope you win - I cast my vote :D
    Happy T Day :D

  8. I've never made my own fruitcake, but store-bought ones have less fruit every year. I may have to try your recipe :)

  9. I l♥ve fruitcake! ...but here in the US it is joked about as being heavy as a door stop, or a rock. Hope yours turns out marvelous! I loved my grandmother's recipe...she sometimes used orange juice instead of liqueur. happy T day!

  10. During the Christmas holiday I need just one slice of fruitcake. Then I'm done. I don't bake it but hope to get my one slice at someone else's house. You are a little far away or I'd invite myself over, LOL!


  11. I have made a Christmas cake every year except one...when Hubby insisted that shop bought is less trouble and not much different. Let me tell you he actively helped me make it the next year. The candied fruit is yukky and I leave it out substituting it for extra fruit.
    A few years ago I was poorly at the time I normally make it and left it a bit late, so tried a Creole you are talking "eating your liquor". No icing either so bonus.
    I shall be making my creole cake on the weekend!! Nom Nom Nom!
    Off to vote now.
    "Eating your liquor" is going to be used at some point! LOL!

  12. I have never met a fruitcake i liked. I don't know if any of the ones i had , had been soaked in liquor though...that might change things...especially after a couple so much for sharing..Hugs! deb

  13. I've never been a big fan of fruitcake, probably because I haven't had a good one. Your card was lovely!

  14. Congrats on making Top 3 with your beautiful card and belated T-day wishes.
    I've never been a fan of traditional fruit cakes, maybe it's because I've never had a home baked one (hint-hint) grin!
    Thanks for stopping by for tea this week, sorry I was so busy cleaning and preparing for tomorrows Thanksgiving celebration, to get back to those who came by and left such nice comments until today.

  15. Have never been a fan of fruitcake...booze or no booze. Someone else would definitely have to make it--LOL! Happy Belated T-Day! :)


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