Tuesday, November 18, 2014

T for Tuesday - Mocktails and Cocktails

We went camping the last week to a place called Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park, my acupuncturist told me about it. I've told hubby it's worth going to acupuncture because I get a new camping venue from him each time hahahaha. He goes camping nearly every weekend lucky duck!!

So the drink above we got at Peregian Beach, it was a scorcher of a day so we decided to drive up to Noosa beach which is about 40 minutes north. Unfortunately there was no parking at all which surprises me because it is a well known tourist destination and a delightful place to visit but so lacking in public parking that many people are turned away and they lose tourist dollars. 

The drink was alcohol based but I asked for no alcohol: pineapple, mango and passionfruit-it had a whole lime in it which made it very tart indeed, I removed all the lime and my daughter at them just like that-made my mouth go sour watching her lol. I bought a Ninja blender while we were on holiday, it was a bargain at $98 from $300 and was very powerful. Now that it is summer here its time for fresh fruit drinks which we love making.
This drink is my daughters drink, it has alcohol  in it, something I can't drink at all, just by choice.
We stayed right beside Dicky Beach Surf Club  which had amazing food for a club. The wait time for ordering was longer than the wait time for the food to come out-so strange-its usually the other way around.

You can see more of our holiday preparation HERE and more holiday pictures HERE

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  1. Your non-alcoholic drink sounds PERFECT for summer. Right now I'm knee deep in snow and bitterly cold temperatures. And, like your daughter, I would eat those cast off limes, too. I love them.

    It's amazing how some places seem so wonderful when you hear or read about them, then turn out to be a bit disappointing. At least you had a great drink.

    Thanks for sharing this experience AND both these drinks with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. the drinks look lovely! hold the booze for me too!
    Your post is nicely warming to our cold temps!

  3. Your post and drinks bring a bit of summerfeeling to my foggy wet day here...
    Happy T-Day!

  4. I don't drink, either, but your version sounds great. It is still rather cool most of the time down here, but I will be heading up to Toowoomba in a week or two, so i had better pack some summer stuff!

  5. these look delicious...I am with you though, no alcohol for me either, but fruit is good! wishing I could be at the beach in warm sunshine...'cause we have snow and freezing temps where I am! happy T day!

  6. What pretty drinks and I can imagine how refreshing they were in hot weather. Our beach days are over for the season of course.


  7. It's hard to know what to do about parking. Sometimes the locals object to seas of parking lots even if they lose tourist dollars without it. Sometimes there are parking options within walking distance, but if you aren't local they can be hard to find. It'd be interesting to know the back story behind that particular parking situation.

    Your drinks both look so pretty!

  8. Hi Bridget, your fruit drinks look wonderful and I am sure tasted the same too but its a bit wet and miserable here and an icy drink wouldn't be my first choice! LOL My nephew worked at Noosa in a lovely guest house and it looks like a fabulous place to visit, shame about the parking but then that seems to be a problem all over the state.

  9. these both look so refreshing and delicious! I'm already looking forward to another summer which won't come soon enough for me:)Happy T day!

  10. I make mocktails sometimes when I'm sick of water and want something fun minus the booze. :)
    I can't even imagine a scorcher right now...it's so darn cold here!!
    Happy T Day!!

  11. Hello and Happy T Day! These drinks look so pretty, fruit ones are for me too. Wish some of that heat was here now, we have our first snow/cold day today.
    Have a great week.

  12. Hi Bridget, Happy T-day!
    I'm a little late for tea, but it is still Tuesday morning here.

    Your drinks sound amazing, and I would drink either of them.

    It's a bit chilly here in SOCAL this morning, about 43' (F) right now.

    Have a great week

  13. Oh Bridget those drinks look and sound wonderful. What a bargain the blemder was lucky you !!

  14. Those fruity drinks look soooo good, and I'm glad that, overall, you had fun camping. Happy T Day!

  15. LOL! My camping is nothing like that. We usually go waaay out in the boonies. :) Looks yummy though! Hugs! deb

  16. I don't drink alcohol by choice, either, but that sounds like a delicious drink sans alcohol. You guys are roasting and we're freezing. Stay cool!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  17. Both of the drinks look yummy and have me wishing for warmer than our 36 degrees---but it is your turn for warm weather now!

    Glad you had fun camping! Happy T Day!


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