Monday, March 23, 2015

Gelato Card at Michelle's and Robyn's

This was my favourite card to make as I like to get down and dirty-craft wise so to speak. When I first started crafting my OCD was at its peak, I did not like my fingers stained or dirty at all.

Nowadays I don't care how dirty my fingers get because the results are very satisfying.

I have heard a lot about Gelatos by Faber Castell but was never interested because I didn't come into contact with them until now. I am now sold on it.

Well it is an amazing product and I love what it can do.

Here is a pinterest link to Gelato cards


  1. Great card and like you I love my Gelatos!

  2. Fabulous card Bridget - I love my gelatos too, but do not use them enough!! Thanks ofr the inspiration to get them out again.


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