Tuesday, March 24, 2015

T for Tuesday Guava Season

Our neighbour who is moving out soon has an awesome garden where he has planted stuff I didn't know exist. This is the guava tree that hangs over our fence. The bats have been coming at night and eating the guava and leaving a right old mess. I have had to rescue the guavas to give back to him before the bats get to it.

They smell divine but when ripe smell terrible hahahaha. These ones have a white flesh.

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T for Tuesday


  1. I've never had a fresh guava, and knowing that they attract bats I sure wouldn't want a plant near my back yard! Happy T day!

  2. I've never tasted fresh guava either but if it smells bad and attracts bats, I think I will stay away, too!

  3. I owned a house in another town that had bats in the chimney of the house next door. Once the people got rid of the bats, I was surprised at how many mosquitoes started showing up. I missed the bats, even if they were pretty scary because of the possible diseases they carry.

    Thanks for sharing the guava and the bat tale with us for T this week, dear. And I also noted that it was too bad you and Annette never got to meet, since you two have so much in common.

  4. Love guavas, and we don't have the bats :-).

  5. Freh guavas must be delicious.. I can understand this bats!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. I wouldn't mind the bats - just the mess, lol. I've never had Guava. In fact I don't think I've ever even seen one.
    Elizabeth's tale just goes to show how most creatures have a good use. I would much rather have the bats than mosquitoes.
    Happy T Day {{hugs}} Mo

  7. Well i have never seen a guava tree. I've never eaten a guava. All very interesting... Awww its okay to share a little with the bats they do alot of good. :) Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  8. I'm not sure I've ever tasted guava. Who knew that they smelled bad!! We like seeing the bats out in at dusk during the summer. They are scooping up all kinds of mosquitoes!!
    Happy T Day!

  9. I've never had guava, but I hear bats keep the mosquito population down. It's the bad smell that'd have me getting rid of the tree lol

  10. how interesting never really knew about guavas..but do you eat them only when they smell terrible ie. when they ripen?

  11. Never eaten guava. I don't think I ever knew what they looked like, either. The bats may not be happy about your rescue, but I bet your neighbor is. Happy T-Day! :)

  12. eww...I'n not a fan of bats unless they are far away from me! you are a good neighbor to pick the guava to avoid the mess...good luck!


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