Sunday, June 14, 2015

Postcrossing Mystery Parcel-Postal Abbreviations

I received a Mystery Parcel the other day, I cannot make out the signature, there is no address on the packet. I guess its from England judging by the stamp, no it cant be because it says 2ND (is that the code for Pound?), so its posted from somewhere in Europe.

So if you are out there looking at my blog and you have sent this to me, please U2U me and let me know as I have no idea if we swapped something and if you received my cards or not yet.

HERE is the conversion for currency
HERE is the explanation of postages stamps symbols
I thought THIS one would surely tell me what ND means but it didnt
MORE postal abbreviations

EDITED 21 May: Mystery has been solved by kitty8mike 


  1. What a lovely (anonymous) surprise - I do hope you find the source of the gift.

  2. They do look like British postage stamps...


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