Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WOYWW 316 - Pocket Page Letter Tag

I've decided to start this project called A Postcard a Day, I hope you can join me. I also hope I get enough postcards to be able to keep this up everyday, will you help me? You can send your postcard to:
Bridget Larsen
P O Box 81
Geebung QLD 4034

I would be delighted to swap a postcard with you in return. I am hoping to collect a postcard from every corner of the world. It would make my day/month/year. So if you are going to send me a card please write WOYWW on it so I can show yours off on Wednesdays.

Here is the Meme about A Postcard A Day, if like me you enjoy postcards then you will love travelling vicariously around the world with me. HERE is Day 1 and HERE is Day 2 and HERE is Day 3 so far.

 So my desk this week is busy. My Postcrossing Penpal GinaR from Perth sent me this wonderful idea of a Pocket Page Letter. It utilises the 9 ATC pocket sleeves and you fill each pocket up with whatever you choose whether it is a theme or just random stuff. Below is what Gina sent me. the top left corner beside the bag that holds the lamp is a pregnancy template for the Pocket  Letters.

Jeanette Lane is the originator of Pocket Page Letters. You can join her Network for Pocket Letter Pals, you will need to sign up. This is her YouTube Channel with pocket letter ideas

 I made my own template out of tags my friend Sandra in Cooranbong sent me  (it came in real handy Sandra, thank you). I just remove the tag and place it in another sleeve ready for the next set of Pockets to be made up.

 These are the backs of pocket letters

This is my pocket sleeve to Gina, ok I gotta get more creative next time and decorate better, mine looks so boring compared to Gina's LOL. I was leaning toward the clean and simple look tee hee.

I subscribe to a facebook page called Save the US Postal Service by Writing More Letters, they had an article about Winnie Blagden who was turning 100 and she had no family so the BBC radio station in Sheffield sent out an SOS for everyone to send her a birthday card. I participated in this momentous event where 16,000 cards from around the world were delivered to Winnie in 10 bags to her. I sent her postcard and a birthday card in an envelope, sadly I forgot to scan both for my keepsake hahaha. You can read all about it HERE, there is also a video in the link

A wonderful story about a postman doing his rounds and picking up stones to build this glorious monument called Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval, which took him about 37 years, what dedication.

Joining Julia's Stamping Ground for more desk snoops around the world

EDITED: I forgot to mention in  regards to the anniversary ATCs, I had a disaster with mine that you saw me earlier with. They were all curled up and I put them under some heavy boxes to uncurl and they all stuck together so I am remaking them again but the drying and flattening is taking its time and this time I am being more careful with it, so it will be in the mail soon to those who swapped with me.


  1. I saw Winnie on the news with all her cards, so humble and unsure why everyone was making such a fuss!! Love your atc pockets. Helen 3

  2. Fun post...I've seen this pocket letter thing and it is quite unique. Have fun with your post card a day also. I'll have to see what I have for postcards in our area.

  3. Lovely post, love the pockets - fab!

  4. Hello. Pockets are super. If I can find

  5. Sorry about previous comments - using phone and not sure what was going on.Will try and find a postcard :-) Anne x @ 22

  6. Sorry about previous comments - using phone and not sure what was going on.Will try and find a postcard :-) Anne x @ 22

  7. I saw Winnie on the news too. It was so moving. How wonderful that everyone joins in with these things with such enthusiasm. We so need to keep writing letters and sending lovely things to people through the post.I might be being a bit thick but do you want an arty postcard or a traditional one with a scene on it??????
    Hugs Lisax #23

  8. Hi Bridget, happy WOYWW. I have recently seen this pocket letter thingie and thought it a great idea..I think supporting the Postal service a good idea, nothing better than finding a letter/card in the box not junk mail. Go Winnie - what fun opening all those cards. Have a great week RobynO#18.

  9. Looks like a very clever idea.
    Sandra de @24

  10. How kind of you to send a birthday card to Winnie! I saw her on the news with all her cards...quite wonderful :-)
    I like your pockets of bits and pieces, what a clever idea and it looks great!
    Hugs, LLJ 9 xx

  11. Oh Bridget you really under rate your work - you pocket letter is fabulous!! i will see if I can find a local postcard for you :-). Well done too on adding to the posties bag for the lady in England!

  12. What a lovely idea to send birthday greetings to Winnie! 16,000 just goes to show you what a little love can do. Happy WOYWW! Glenda #29

  13. Hi Bridget, nice to see you. Hope you received my ATC swap. I'm not sure what happened to the one you sent me but sure it will turn up in time. This swap looks like a good idea too. Have great woyww and happy crafting. I have to go out now but will be back later for a better look, Angela xXx

  14. Sorry Bridget, that's Angela x 30

  15. What a fabulous idea.
    Love your desk.
    How wonderful for that lady getting all those cards.
    Amazing what people can do I bet she was absolutely thrilled. :) #27

  16. Love the tag pockets- as i am now taking part in a tag swap , this would be a great way to display them. The letter you made is fab! Soojay 16#

  17. What wonderful creative bits and pieces are flying around the world because of you Bridget. How lovely to link up with so many folk like that.
    Annie x #13

  18. Love the postcard idea and will try to get one to you. Probably on a slow boat to China but should make it eventually. ha Happy WOYWW Peg R 26

  19. I loved your post this morning, full of novelties and thi gs to link to. What a good idea to send Winnie birthday cards. Yes, I agree it's good to support the postal system by sending things in the post. I think I'm keeping the postmaster in the village in a job with all my mail, lol.
    Yes, of course I'll send you a postcard of Andalucia.
    The tag pockets look great. I can't participate in that as they are unavailable here, but if I do find some I will do you one, promise.
    Thanks for visiting me already,
    Have a good week (and a happypostbox)

  20. Your postcard idea sounds a lot of fun and I hope you get all the ones you want. Thank you for your visit today and your lovely comments. Parchment is really not as hard as it seems to begin with. There is a series of YouTube videos by Wendy Walters for those who want to get started, and the new system from Clarity, the Groovi Plate, is aimed initially at anyone who would lie to start, but is also great for those who are more advanced as well. You can also download lots of free designs to play with. Have a go and I bet you will love it. xxx Maggie #8

  21. Bridget, I love your postcard idea! I collected postcards when I was younger, so I have quite a few, but need to do something with them for display. Loved your Elvis one Can you believe we had one from Elvis at Christmas one year with him and Colonol Parker, (his manager). But I have lost it in our many moves. Great post. #41

  22. I've never heard of a pocket letter, but it sounds like fun. The postcards from around the world sounds very exciting as well, so good luck with that project. Happy WOYWW and Blessings! #45

  23. I totally forgot woyww this morning, but I'm happy to see your around. I'm wondering if my swap ATC:s have arrived? Just because I'm not quite sure if I really trust Italian mail that I had to use to send it... Sorry I sent a card, not postcard with it, I'm going to try and see if I can find a card from Finland to send you :)
    Happy woyww! Kristiina, not listed today.

  24. Will send you postcard from Dubai ;-)

  25. Love the idea of the pocket letter, Bridget. Such a clever idea! It would be fun opening it and finding all the goodies! Thank you for your encouraging comment - I am feeling better today but still very short on energy. Only a week to go till treatment #3 so hoping I feel better enough to achieve at least a little before it all begins again! Glad you enjoyed the gifts I made for my fellow chemo-ites.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #31

  26. Oh bless you, I bet Winnie will spend lots of quiet hours looking at cards and marvelling at the kindness of strangers! Liking the pocket card ideas, shouldn't be too hard to get into, but 9 ides for each card is erm..hard work! Good idea to publish a PO bOx for your swap.

  27. Hi, Bridget! My, you are a busy girl, with postcard swaps and pocket letters. I used to do a lot of ATC swaps but haven't done any in a while so it will to fill up 9 pockets would be hard for me to do!


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