Monday, July 06, 2015

PCAD - A Postcard A Day 15 - Pokrovsky Convent - RainySun Russia

Irina RainySun from Russia sent me this postcard through Postcrossing is of Pokrovsky Convent in Moscow has an amazing history.

The Pokrovsky Convent was founded in 1364 under Prince Dmitry Konstantinovich. The present look of the ensemble formed in the XVI cen, when the convent became the place of exile for disgraced tsarinas and women of noble boyar families. In the XVI-XVII cen. the convent was one of the principal Russian convents. The central monument of the complex is the Pokrovsky cathedral, built in 1510-1518. From the four sides the building is surrounded with open galleries, and its portals are richly decorated. Exile tsarinas, grand duchesses and noble women of aristocratic families of early Rus such as Ivan III's daughter Alexandra, Peter the Great's first wife and many others were buried in a table tomb under the Pokrovsky cathedral. In 1923 the convent was closed and ravaged. At present it is an active convent.

The back of the postcard was written in Russian so I have enclosed it here for you to read.

I love the Russian stamps, it always has many images in one.
Irina also enclosed a bookmark for me (she must have read my profile where I said I love reading). She also enclosed a note which is very unusual and I am so appreciative of little notes like this, makes it very personal. It is picture of the Imperial Palace or Catherine Palace in St Petersburg.

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  1. What a stunning postcard - love the 'potted' history you gave too. The bookmark is a stunner!!

  2. What a beautiful building. We are travelling around the world with these postcards. It's great to read a little history about the convent. And once again I wish I could read Russian as so much seems to be written in cyrillic script and I cannot make head not tail out of it....
    How sweet to send a bookmark too.


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