Wednesday, July 08, 2015

PCAD - A Postcard A Day 17 - Postage Stamp Postcard - Esther NL

This has to be one of my favourite postcards from Postcrossing so far - ok 2nd to the Elvis ones LOL. I just love postcards made of stamps, it tells alot of stories of what is happening in that country, I love the Anne Frank postage stamp, I wonder if I will ever get one of those stamps. the two little kids (black) stamp is of YipenYanneke which is a famous Dutch childrens story probably like the Australian Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (ooh I have those stamps-will show them off one day).
Esther is adorable, she wrote that she was so happy that she could send me this card (people who read your profile and send you what is on your wishlist are the best) - believe me Ester I love any postage stamp postcard. Esther mentions that she has visited Australia mainly Sydney, Brisbane, Airlie Beach and Fraser island-she has been to more places that I have not seen yet.

I love how she has decorated the envelope with splats of colours, thank you Esther. 

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  1. What a great card Bridget - love that Esther read your details and shopped appropriately!

  2. Dear Bridget! Thank you for the lovely words and comment! 😊Love, Esther

  3. How come I missed this post! It's the best card ever! How beautiful! I love all those stamps. Yes, I remember Jip en Janneke from my childhood. The stamp on the left (almost at the bottom) from 1997 is about the Elfstedentocht. It's a ice skating race (tocht) between eleven (elf) cities (steden). It can only be held if the temperatures are low for several days so that all the canals between the cities freeze over. In recent years there haven't been many (global warming).But when I was a child, there was a race almost every year. (We're talking the 1950s..)
    The one slightly above it with the child and the toy truck has a +40c on it, as has the one next to that with Jip and Janneke. They are called 'Children's stamps' (in Dutch: kinderzegels) where the extra 40 cents go to children's charities.
    I'll stop now, sorry I went on a bit.... but there is so much to see on this card!


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