Saturday, July 11, 2015

PCAD - A Postcard A Day 20 - Map card Austria - Barbara

Another response from Barbara in Austria/Osterreich/Autriche to my map-card request. Capital of Austria is Vienna the beautiful city of music is what comes to my mind from the Sound of Music. Love the coat of arms that they have added.
Austria is a German speaking country, with baroque city architecture. Mozard, Strauss and Sigmund Freud are amongst its famous residents. 
The currency is Euro
Capital is Vienna
Dialing code +43
Population is 8.5 million
Famous for the Danube River and the Sound of Music

Many people mistake Australia for Austria. there is an Ad here that Arnold Schwarzneger 
Love the vintage car on this stamp. I love all things vintage.

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  1. A lovely map card. I have been to Austria many times. We would go skiing as a family. My mum & dad would come from Holland, I was living in Italy at the time and I would bring my son (who was little then) with me on the train and my sister would fly over from the UK. We would book into a hotel in the same area every year (Tirol, the thin bit on the left on the map). Lots of good memories.
    Thanks for posting. (I love the stamp too by the way.)


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