Monday, July 13, 2015

PCAD A Postcard A Day 22 - Write Back My Postcard - Aeronest

 I participated in a swap in Postcrossing called Write Back My Postcard where we send 2 postcards to a person that signed up and they write in it and send it back to us. This one turned up from China, this building was part of the 2010 Expo, "this special weathering steel clad material is employed as the exterior of the Australia Pavilion and the colour will deepen as time going on (sic) and eventually show a thick red ocher colour, which reminds you of the red clay in inland Australia and the winding building modeling and red tubular-shaped gallery deeply impress the visitors.

Whoever designed was very clever to incorporate Australia's natural wonderment into building.

The stamps on the envelope were equally lovely.

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  1. A little bit of Oz in China! The color reminds me indeed of the color of Aussie soil (what I've seen of it on photos).
    Is the shape significant? I couldn't think of anything...
    The stamps are stunning!


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