Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PCAD - A Postcard A Day 37 - WBMP 314 - Eumeko - Zentangle

This is a UNESCO site in Australia called Fraser Island also called Great Sandy National Park or its Aboriginal name is K'gari, it is the largest sandy island in the world at 122 kms in length. It lies on the east coast of Australia. From our house it would take us 3 hours to drive to the pickup point at Rainbow Beach to catch a ferry there. You can only use a 4X4 to drive there. One day we hope to take a day trip there by charter which is about $150 per person. 
I participated in a swap in Postcrossing called Write Back My Postcard where we send our own postcard and the person at the receiving end writes in it and sends it back. The idea is born from the fact that sometimes we like our own postcards and would like to keep one but have it written in. So this card went all the way to Malaysia and Eumeko kindly wrote in it and send it back - well she didn't write in it, she did something more unique and did a gorgeous zentangle below.  THANK YOU EUMEKO I love it!!!

This is the gorgeous envelope they came in, isn't Eumeko clever in her envelope design?

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  1. What an absolutely stunning response! I love zentangle. I participate (for the first time) in an envelope exchange and I have zentangled all 5 envelopes. (but not as beautiful as Eumemo).

  2. Love that Fraser Is postcard, but even more love that tangled card!! Amazing.


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