Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend Reading

Humour in Halifax Police

This has got to be the cutest dancing to Aretha Franklin

Keep Writing

Messages will be delivered

Kindness goes around , this video brought tears to my eyes, there is good in this world

Mail from MH17 released  , I couldn't put a direct link so you'll have to look at the post from 2 July 2015 to see the article.

Another article from Letters from MH17

Postcard from MH17

Becca Feeken  on saving the written word one card at a time

Pens Pens and more Pens  some of you know how I love pens, you have seen my pen collections in my WOYWW posts. I love this blog that reports on pens and if they are worth buying, sadly I have not seen half the pens that is written about

Nobody Writes Like That Anymore

How to make a plastic bottle into an envelope

Dont throw those envelopes bills come in

USA stamp cancelling machine in action

RECIPES: I love pouring over recipes and seeing what works

Oatmeal Walnut Bread

Tarte au Citron - french Lemon Tart

Mushroom Risotto by Cavewoman


How to half Die Cut - thanks to SandraC, I have always wanted to do this and never knew how

Broken Biscuits : and its not the eating kind: thanks to Shoshi

Beautiful Bows : Bow it all - thanks to SandraC

My Paper Arts has some awesome ideas

How to make a rope basket

DIY rope basket with hot glue gun

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