Friday, July 17, 2015

Weekend Reading

How to use your Ipad  I've had an ipad for a year and never knew how to use all the features until someone posted on facebook that they wanted to learn from veterans how to use it. boy oh boy there's a lot I dont know about it

People who live in small houses

Amazing Wedding Cakes of the outrageous type

Sand powered lighting the answer to our electricity bills

Craft Spaces

My Desert Cottage

Deserts To die for

The sun is going to sleep in 2030 'Maunder minimum.'

Preserving Postboxes in the UK

Letter Boxes: The red heart of the British streetscape

This is one of my favourite blog that I read religiously this family of 6 work in the US military and have been seconded to Italy for 3 years, what an adventure with one more baby on the way 

Love these wedding cakes

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  1. Looks like some good reading there - and we are about to get your weather this weekend, so I may end up visiting some of them too


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