Wednesday, July 01, 2015

WOYWW 317 - Postcards and more postcards

My desk is very busy, well one of them anyway, this one is right behind my computer desk and easy to get to but has bad lighting for crafting so I do my postcard and letter writing for Postcrossing here.
You can see the pens, boy do I love pens. Its as bad as my scissors addiction LOL.
You can see postage stamps in a Stampin Up clam shell box, keep calm postcards that I ordered from Amazon. That yellow box holds a sponge with water so I dont have to lick those wretched stamps and glue them down. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George's fiance licked the stamps for their wedding invitation and died from the glue!!!
I have 3 more buckets of pens to the right of the picture and one is out of sight.
The towers of drawers holds stamps, postcards and letters I have received so far from all over the world.

Today was a mail heavy day, those postcards you can see from different countries are made by Postallove and is very popular as a collection item in Postcrossing. So far I've swapped out 50 of the GF Australia ones. There are 47 countries those cards represent and because Australia is a smallish country in terms of Postcrossing I had no trouble swapping mine out.

I've decided to start this project called A Postcard a Day, I hope you can join me. I also hope I get enough postcards to be able to keep this up everyday, will you help me? You can send your postcard to:
Bridget Larsen
P O Box 81
Geebung QLD 4034

I would be delighted to swap a postcard with you in return. I am hoping to collect a postcard from every corner of the world. It would make my day/month/year. So if you are going to send me a card please write WOYWW on it so I can show yours off on Wednesdays, and also identify where its coming from and acknowledge it.

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  1. That sounds like a fun and worthwhile project. I hope you get tons of postcards! Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio #5

  2. Wow, Bridget, that's quite a project. Hope you get lots of postcards. I don't have any from Kansas, USA, but if I ever find any, I'll send you one. Happy WOYWW from #3

  3. What a fab idea, swapping postcards all over the world. That's like getting Happy Mail all the time :-)
    And I like a good pen too...when I find a good one for handwriting, I try and stick with the brand.
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  4. Your postcards are gorgeous as is the blog banner photo - fantastic! those pens make me drool.... have a great week.. Helen 8

  5. Hi Bridget, lovely collection of postcards and what a great idea. Have a great crafty week and happy woyww, Angela x 27

  6. Ah - another pen addict - but you are way worse than me :-). Your postcards are amazing Bridget - you must just about keep the post office in business!

    1. I actually do, i visit everyday and there are letters and postcards in there everyday, there has never been a day when there is not one piece of mail in there

  7. A fellow pen addict! I did purge (gasp) about 1/3 of mine. I didn't feel right about hoarding them and not using them only to find them dried out down the road. I collect PCs as well via Swap-bot. 2 PC's headed your way. Diane #34

  8. I see your collection is growing. A postcard collection form every corner of the world sounds like fun, but a little overwhelming for me at this point of my life. Happy WOYWW and Blessings! #39

  9. Hello, Bridget. I too love your header photo -- it's awesome! What a great idea to collect postcards from around the world. I shall look for an interesting one to send to you. It must be fun to go to the post office to see what awaits every day! Happy WOYWW. Nann4 #38

  10. Thanks for the visit. I'll sort thru my stash and see if I can find a good one to mail out to you in the next week or so. Fun Idea. Oh yes the pen stash!! I recycle tin cans and use them to sort out by pencils, markers, colors, etc. and 1/2 don't work ! Have a great week

  11. Wow! Your postcard collection is growing! I have received my first Postallove card from Japan. I went to the website but the Spanish one is sold out unfortunately.
    Anyway, I have written you a card but the postmaster has no stamps so I will post it as soon as he has some. He told me there are some coming out soon.
    I will also start a daily postcard blog, and link up.
    Thanks for your visit and comment,

  12. Very kewl to try for postcards from all over the world I collect vintage postcards myself and have a bunch of them tucked away at the moment love the old ones from holidays don't collect the picture cards at all.Look forward to seeing what you get :)
    Hugs Nikki

  13. Hi Bridget, your postcard crossing is working a treat, more people should do this and keep the Aust Post in business. Just saw lots of sprays at Neets desk and now you've buckets of pens..
    Anyway enjoy your week Cheers RobynO#28

  14. AnonymousJuly 02, 2015

    Hope you get some great cards - and now I have to pause to check out Postcrossing. {sigh} I will NEVER get to the end of the list....


    Happy (late) WOYWW! again.....
    Mary Anne (4)

  15. Mary Anne's comment made me chuckle because I was thinking the same thing! Are these commercial postcards or cards one makes? My father used to collect postage stamps (as opposed to my collection of rubber stamps lol). I used to tear the stamps off envelopes I received and send him a bunch when the envelopes were full. When he was dying I tried to find something for him in his office aka stamp room and came across two boxes of stamps from envelopes waiting to be processed for collecting. Happy WOYWW! Love your pens : D. #12

  16. The postcard swap sounds like a lot of fun, Brigit. It's fun collecting postcards, I have an album full of them collected over many years. Fortunately, here in Scotland, our stamps come ready to stick down, no licking or wetting ... probably a Health & Safety initiative. Hope you are having a great weekend. Elizabeth x #43

  17. Its a lot of fun, and a lot of work too, not sure I could keep up with this postcard thing...I love the idea of it and frankly, love to receive them! We have self adhesive stamps so no-one here will die of glue - that made me laugh, I miss Seinfeld!


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