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WOYWW319 - Dedication to Elizabeth Harms RIP

I started this post on Saturday because it has been a painful one to write (insert sad tears). I found out via Julia's post that a dear friend and desker Elizabeth Harms passed away last Wednesday 8th July in Melbourne. Flat Susan also dedicated a post to her as well. No doubt there will be many more.

I met Elizabeth in Melbourne at a craft gathering, she was Elizabeth Queenartoypia, boisterous, full of life and very generous. We found out we lived close to each other so we made a point to catch up and craft together when we could. At first I didn't know how to take her, she wouldn't lie to you-she would tell you how it is-I liked that kind of friendship. If you did the wrong thing then watch out!!! 

She was involved with the refugees from Sudan and helped them settle as they arrived-such a generous person she was, Elizabeth.

She rescued a cat called Yoda who frequents her desk and blog-Yoda you will be missed too. Every Wednesday when WOYWW would come alive her blog would be the first I would visit (insert sad choking tears). I wanted to read about her work which was very interesting behind the scenes of the television channels and her desk had the best outdoor view from the window. And I wanted to see Yoda and what he got up to. I just went back and re read her whole blog- I cannot believe we will not have her on Wednesdays anymore. 

We kept in touch via email and through our craft desks...we shall all miss our Eliza and Yoda 

Herald Sun Tributes 

Her Bestie DeDe has written a dedication to her HERE
Rest In Peace dear Elizabeth.

It's that time of the week again where we show our work areas. I always like to start off with a fresh clean desk. This desk has a beautiful natural globe above it so is the brightest part of my craft room. I left the ikea orange rubbish bin (love those Ikea fold away bins), and a yellow bucket to hold odds and ends like my glasses. Yes there are two pairs of glasses in the picture.

Of course I shoved everything onto this desk which I used to use all the time but the lighting isn't as good and its a foldaway table so abit wobbly where as the top photo is a wooden dining table so its very secure and wobble free. We stampers love non wobbly desks don't we? My Pocket Letter Folder is wide open ready for the next installment. that little wire thingy hanging off the desk on the right with a face washer in it is a cup holder. My best purchase so far I still dont know why I put a plastic bag over the base of the light lamp to the top left of the photo that Julia thought was hiding chocolates.

Then I have my go-to desk right behind the computer that I have been using to write my postcards on, fresh sheet of stamps ready to go onto postcards and envelopes. The folder in the middle of the table holds unused gorgeous postage stamps from the Cocos Islands, I will showcase the beautiful postage stamps I have collected so far with the intention to use but they are too beautiful to use.

I've started a project called A Postcard a Day, I hope you can join me. I also hope I get enough postcards to be able to keep this up everyday, will you help me? You can send your postcard to:

Bridget Larsen
P O Box 81
Geebung QLD 4034

I would be delighted to swap a postcard with you in return. I am hoping to collect a postcard from every corner of the world. It would make my day/month/year. So if you are going to send me a card please write WOYWW on it so I can show yours off on Wednesdays, and also identify what country it's coming from and acknowledge it.

Joining Julia's Stamping Ground for more desk snoops around the world. ATC's for the anniversary are almost redone now so thanks for being patient - those who have swapped with me. Thank you to the following people that have sent their ATCs to me so far: Sharsilverwolf?-sorry the writing is smudged on the back of the ATC, Laura Rumble, Diane Williams, Sandra De Marchi, Robyn Oliver


  1. Yes, I was so sorry to hear about Eliza. It made me so sad and I hadn't even met her in person, but I shall certainly miss her posts including the bits about her job in outside broadcasts (always very interesting) and of course her cat Yoda.

  2. A lovely dedication to Eliza. Goodness, but she'll be missed......
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xxx

  3. Such a nice tribute to Eliza, you've given us extra insight into this lovely lady's personality and she will leave a large gap in WOYWW that cannot be filled.

  4. Hi Bridget, great to read about your desk set ups, but I suppose today we're all frightfully sad so here's a big hug for Eliza - RobynO#25

  5. Hi Bridget, that is a lovely summary of Eliza. We were all so lucky to know her, even though most of us never met her.
    I will send you a postcard or two from over here, I'll see what interesting ones I can find- now here's a strange thing. I just grabbed a torn bit of paper off a shelf to scribble your addy on, wrote it down and turned it over to see why I'd kept it- It was Eliza's addy from when she sent me an ATC! How odd is that? Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xxx

  6. Hello Bridget, It's a lovely dedication from you today for your friend Eliza. I'm quite new so didn't know her but she sounds a lovely lady and will clearly be missed by all those who knew and loved her. Barb #27 xx

  7. How lucky you were to know her in the real world. You along with her bestie must be really feeling knocked sideways. I too went to see her post on a Wednesday even if I didn't post myself cos I loved reading what she and Yoda had gotten up to. #22

  8. So wonderful that you knew Eliza in person and got to craft with her. Thanks for sharing even more insight into her life as we celebrate her today. Your busy desk looks wonderful, and I'll be popping in a postcard to you tomorrow! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #42

  9. such dreadfully sad news about dear Eliza, I was so shocked when I read Julia's post this morning (I was away at the weekend and missed the one she put on then) You will miss her more than most of us, being a true friend and having been able to meet and craft with her. Hugs. Helen 3

  10. Thank you for the link to DeDe's post. It's all such a shock, even though I only knew her through the internet. My father, who died last February was a stamp collector (the postage variety) whereas I am a stamp collector of the crafting sort lol. Happy WOYWW! #6

  11. We are all going to miss Eliza so much so can understand how you, who actually knew her must be feeling! I had the benefit of some of her straight talking only through her writing, sound advice too! Love your desks! ! I will try to get a postcard off soon! Chrisx 53

  12. Eliza was a lovely person and made me feel very welcome when I first joined woyww, we will all miss her. You certainly have lots of space to work, I am very jealous!
    Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 30

  13. Wonderful craft space and always interesting to hear how you set things up to suit your needs. Such sad news regarding Eliza.
    sandra de @55

  14. Lovely to read some more about Eliza...she was so modest, I doubt many of us knew of her work for the refugees for example. thank you for sharing your memories. I'm loving the clear and uncluttered desk...and the other one! Ha...even the lamp in its sleeping bag!

  15. Thank you for sharing more about Eliza. Many of us did not get the chance to meet her in person like you but she touched us thru her blog and comments.
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for dropping by!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS


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