Monday, August 31, 2015

UNESCO Fraser Island Postcards for Swapping

Historical Description
In 1860 Fraser Island was gazetted as an Aboriginal reserve. The reserve was largely revoked two years later following the discovery of valuable stands of timber. The remnant Aboriginal reserve was revoked in 1906, after the Aborigines were removed from Fraser Island. In 1908 the central part of Fraser Island was declared a forestry reserve, and by 1925 most of the island had been set aside as state forest. Fraser Island (Great Sandy National Park) (74,900ha), was gazetted in 1971.
The remainder of Fraser Island consists predominantly of vacant Crown land of 78,404ha in public ownership, which has been proposed as a National Park extension subject to resolution of Aboriginal Land interests. Parts of this have been effectively managed for conservation purposes, and prior to the Commission of Inquiry had been proposed for "preservation zoning" (DASET, 1991; A.Turner, pers.comm., 1992).
The Fraser Island (Great Sandy Region) was accepted as a natural World Heritage Site in 1992, on the basis of criteria (ii) and ( iii ).
Legislation is proposed to cover the whole area nominated, as a regional park (DASET, 1991).

These are UNESCO site Fraser Island postcards for swapping.
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Champagne Pools

Indian Head
Multiview Indian Head 

Lake Boomanjin
Lake McKenzie

Lake Mckenzie
Lake Wabby
Multiview Shipwreck Dingo Rainforest
The Pinnacles
Wanggoolba Creek


  1. Looks like a beautiful island, with a bit of a sad history though.

  2. What beautiful cards Bridget.


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