Friday, April 18, 2008

Sydney Lunch April 12

Last weekend I had a glorious time when I drove up to Sydney (3+ hours drive from Canberra), start of the school holidays so we went to pick my daughter up but it coincided with a luncheon that was organised via an online crafting group so I was able to go, had to scramble to get 50 ATCs done to swap in 2 weeks but it was good. I seem to be in my element creating something of some quality in a short time. I wonder if that is because I did not do any crafting for 5 months when we moved to Canberra last August.

I had known a lot of these ladies online for the last 5 years but had never met most of them so it was quite overwhelming to see them all in once place and put faces to names. I also got warm fuzzys from a few and it's quite funny how you click with them at a first meeting, I won't mentiion names as it might make the others feel left out LOL.

This photo was of all the Stamphappy and Boomerang Swap group combined, all 48 of us including one baby Matilda.

This photo is of the Boomerang group only, I am standing to the right with my elbow coming out of someones ear LOL. Ooh there's a cute little girl there as well.

Martina Hart, Chris Bennette, Me and Evelyn Poole (sitting)

Jessie Scherf and Ruth Spitzer

It was a wonderful day, there was lots of noise and excitement, people recognising others and others meeting people for the first time. We did a mini make and take of a little Asian doll and I managed to make her hair stand on end instead of giving her pigtails.

The food was good, with a few choices of culinary delight, I had a lasagne but didnt manage to finish it, I was talking too much LOL, everyone was up to dessert and I was still poking at my lasagne and hubby stole my chips, oh well better on his hips than mine.






email me if you'd like to attend

Some brought show and tell to share and boy was there ever eyecandy to drool at, the artwork was amazing. Jigsaw puzzles, whale books, personal books and many more. I forgot to pack my show and tell.
So it's onto the next exciting chapter of my first ever cruise and stamp camp in Seattle on...

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  1. It was indeed a fabulous lunch Bridget and it was lovely to meet you in the coffee shop before hand. Your cruise sounds fantastic. Cheers Sydney Debs xx


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