Tuesday, February 10, 2015

T for Tuesday and Mango and Pineapple Chutney

I came off a midnight shift last night and slept in until 9.30am. Unheard of for me to sleep in that late but good, because I need the rest. I have learnt never to plan anything on my day off after a midnight shift. NO appointments, no meeting with friends, no large cooking days. Having said that we bought some mangoes from a farm up north on the weekend that needed to be cooked so I soldiered on and made these mango and pineapple chutney with Kensington Mangoes. I still have a bowl full of R2E2 mangoes all cut up ready to cook so I will just have lunch and get my second wind and cook them too.

Continuing my showcase of the Tea shop we visited at Mt Tambourine in January. Here is another set of that tiny tea set that is even tinier than the one behind it that I showed before. My finger is there for size comparison.

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T for Tuesday Meme

I was just listening to radio 612 while I was making my chutney and heard a wonderful programme about decluttering and living simply. They told about not buying anything other than food and necessities like replacing clothes etc, for a year to see how you feel, because I must admit most or some of us buy for comfort. 

Another segment was about giving away one thing a day for a year from your house to declutter, one lady gave it to the thrift store.

I am going to embark on these two above and try and live simply like Rhonda below. Why dont you join me and lets make a promise to ourselves.

I follow a blog of Rhonda Hetzel who lives on the Sunshine Coast who has a wonderful blog called Down To Earth. I am learning towards living simply. 


  1. Ah, Bridget. I so agree with you. I've been decluttering the past month and have given away a LOT. I've also thrown a lot away. Stuff that was broken that I'm simply no longer willing to save. I think you have a great plan.

    BTW, that mango and pineapple chutney looks wonderful. I bet it tastes it, too.

    Thanks for sharing that cute tea set, the chutney, and your decluttering advice with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Such an interesting post Bridget.... the chutney looks yummy and the tea sets are delightful! I am not a great hoarder of things really, I did an absolutely massive de clutter when we moved from our 13 room family house into our current flat that just has 2 bedrooms. But I do get crafty stuff, and I just know that if I promised to join in, I would not be able to keep it.... it's a great idea though!

  3. Ooh, I bet your chutney tastes simply delicious! How fabulous to make your own. I do hope you got to rest a little more once you were done preserving.
    The wee tea set is delightful and so prettily painted too.
    I am also on a decluttering spree. Must be 'that' time of year.
    Happy T Day :o))

  4. What a perfectly precious tea set...tiny is a good way to go too!
    Living more simply seems a focus all over these days...there comes a time when enough is enough I think.
    Mango Chutney sounds (and looks) really yummy!
    Wishing you a Happy T Day.

  5. Those jar of chutney looks so yummy! And that tea set-I can't imagine making and painting such a tiny set. Those are great ideas and thoughts on living a simpler life. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  6. I love the colors in those tea sets. Such lovely blues! I'll check out Rhonda's Down to Earth blog. I can always use help with decluttering and living simply. Thx!

  7. Hello and Happy T Day! The Mango sounds wonderful, how nice to have it homemade and ready for you. Good plan to take it easy after working late. I agree, living simple and with less is what I like too. Thanks for sharing the tips and the blog with us. Enjoy your relaxed day off.

  8. Your chutney sounds wonderfully refreshing, and love the tiny tea sets! Decluttering, oh yes. I should do that. I am a terrible pack rat. but will I? probably not. maybe you will inspire me to give more to the thrift store! happy T day!

  9. I so need to pare down. I have collected way too much stuff. Many years ago a friend and I had a challenge blog were each week we had an accountability day where we'd share what we got rid off and what we had cleaned....like the deep cleaning things or those things you forget about...or maybe thats just me :)

  10. I love chutney and that looks delicious. too cute tiny tea set!

  11. I enjoyed seeing that even smaller tea set, and the mango chutney sounds delicious! I'm trying to de-clutter a little here, too. Anything that has no sentimental value is either being donated or used.

  12. That is one of my big goals for 2015--purging everything I own little by little all year long. :)
    That is the tiniest tea set I have ever seen!! Happy T-Day! :)

  13. Oh that chutney sounds amazing - well done on your soldiering on after a night shift!
    My DD and DIL are both big on the de-cluttering and living simply and well - me, not so much ;-), but most of mine is accumulated rather than constantly buying new.

  14. I have a moto here and have had for years, I must throw something away everyday, yesterday it was my toothbrush it was shaggy dog and in need of replacement today it was an 8 year old diary no longer needed for the taxman. I am allergic to mangoes, I will believe you when you say it is lovely. Happy belated T for Tuesday.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda


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