Friday, January 12, 2018

Weekly Reading

Homemade Christmas Crackers for 2018 lol

Here's a great way to cook hard boiled eggs for the masses in the oven, or if you are like me and boil a few eggs for the week, this method will work.

Love this pantry

NZ mother gave up grocery shopping for 2017

Article 2

Article 3 with recipes


  1. I've never tried the oven method for hard boiled eggs. Thank you for the tip, Bridget.

  2. How interesting to read about Back to Basics. I would love to do that. In our community people put produce by you door. It's fab. They give me surplus fruit and I make the jam, which I then give to other people. It's a lovely way of life. I can't wait to start our veggie patch but we have to finish constructing the house first. Not long now (May 2018).

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