Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friday Fences # 18

I found this fence whilst on holiday up on the Gold Coast. This was was on Mt Tambourine, a gorgeous place and a must visit one. They have some gorgeous unusual fences up there.

 This is the house behind the fence, the colouring matched as well, we tried to see what was inside so that maybe when we came back one day we would stay there, but no one was home.
 Beautiful plant of some sort in front of some of the fence
 It was a bed and breakfast place, the furniture inside was lovely and antique in style

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if you ever need to laugh, kids are the best


  1. oh how lovely. thank you for sharing with us. i do believe one day i hope to get to australia. it looks like a wonderful place to go & see. (:

  2. yes I love the Queenslander style; it has such a charm. Pity that most housing developments won't even consider weather-board siding, or chamfer-board, they'd call it in Brisbane.

  3. What a graceful fence and I really like it when people think about several colors for their house, roof, and trim. So much more interesting in a community when everyone trims their home differently. Those red fence post finials (thingeys?) are a nice color punch.

  4. Such beauty! All the colorful greenery really sets off the white fences in your photos.

  5. Some fence and some house!! Love those old buildings and it is great to see a fence that 'in style' with the house.

  6. Lovely white n pretty!


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