Wednesday, January 04, 2012

WOYWW #135

What's on your Work Desk Wednesday
Well I am hoping this uploads on its own as I may not have internet to be able to do it. This is what I am packing to take with me to visit my family for a short visit. Last week you saw the photos spread out on my desk here 
 When I go away I always take projects that I need to put together so I don't lug around machinery and too much stuff, (hubby gives me the stink eye cos he needs room for his fishing gear.
I caught on tv one day a new place to send my cards for the Australian Troops. First one is through Paper LadyStockings for Soldiers Project which is on facebook and was started by Selena Smith and Michelle Potter in 2009  so some of those packs below, when completed are going to the troops, it's a round the year project for me. I don't stop making Cards for the Troops any time during the year because the Troops never stop protecting us, no matter which country we live in.
My brother is in the Australian Army Reserves and my cousin's husband is in the Australian Navy.
Hubby served in the US Navy so I am surrounded by Military.
 The start of the pile of non crafting stuff, thats hubbys clothes there, mine couldn't fit on the lounge LOL
December/January is jam making for me, I only make apricot jam, still mastering it LOL. My friend Nola is a wonderful From-Scratch-Cook and she has taught me alot. Since I tried all her homemade cooking I don't like store bought stuff, but her jam is to die for and after 3 years of making it I think I am getting there.
Bottle sterilized and ready to go. (shhh don't tell her I burnt two pots this time, she told me I mustn't leave the pot but didnt tell me why-well I soon found out)
Jam packed and ready to take for gifts to the family, I've already given half away to friends
Hop on over to Julia Dunnit's blog to see all the other desks this week


  1. Hullo dear friend Bridget - your card has just arrived and have loved it even more in real life than on your blog, and just added it to my WOYWW post!
    And yes would not mind some of the jam too but think that is going too far - I make Apricot jam too and make it with dried apricots as they are much better apricots than the ones we buy up here in the shops.
    I was spoilt with a real old apricot tree is fruit growing area in Vic and ever since cant stand the apricots we have here. the dried ones have the really intense flavour and are great in jam! You realise, of course, you should have put your recipe on the blog.
    As everyone will be asking you for it - found that out with my pineapple jam! God's blessings on your wee break away, and thanks for being so kind, Shaz in Oz.x PS weather still great here too - hope it is where you are holidaying.

  2. That's great that you're getting away, Bridget, and I hope you and hubby enjoy the visit with family. Yummmm! Apricot jam is one of my favorites, right behind cherry and strawberry. Your posting today is so full of news and information, I love it! You're either on some powerful meds for that knee or you're healing quickly! Hugs to you!

  3. Hmmm - apricot jam - I tried red currant jelly this year and it came out well.
    Love your idea of packing stuff to assemble when away ;-).

  4. Yummy jam, I wish I lived nearer (lol), have a super trip, I also do cards for the British Troops which I send Monthly, I agree they protect all of us, x x enjoy your jam, Happy 2012 Hugs May x x x x

  5. love your packing box! have the same reaction from my bf when i take scrapy things with. lol Enjoy your trip!

  6. It is amazing what you can turn into jam and what you can add to enhance the flavour. DIL made some great ones and yes ...over half went to friends and family ...her Pumpkin and cinamon was to die for. Have fun and try not to burn any more pots lol xx

  7. Just poped by to say it was a jam ...she guards her recipe but I watched her. She cooked up the pumpkin with cinamon and the apple seperately ...with a little more cinamon and some wedges of lemon ...passed the apple mix through a sieve to remove pips skin etc and added puree to pumkin which is now very well boiled down and mushy can sieve the pumpkin for a smoother jam but she like the texture. She then added the sugar and lemon juice as the jam boiled down. There was about a quarter apples to the pumpkin junks at the start. I think she said she used a little less sugar than recomended in a general jam method of this kind ...her original guide recipe was a simple strawberry jam and she just messed around with it ....hope thats of help.

    I know I have to be good with the diabetes 2000 I lost my husband after an operation ... due to compications caused by poor control of diabetis.

  8. That's a good idea -- to take things that need to be assembled -- since it's more easily done while chatting than other things!

  9. Oh wow - what a lot of jam. If I make it it is only a few pots. Looks yummy!
    Congrats on the making of cards for the troops - and what a lovely philosophy. Well done you.
    Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your holiday and getting those projects done.
    Have a wonderful time/. Hugs, Neet xx

  10. Well I hope youre enjoying your trip, I'm so late to visit! What a great sight all theapricot jam is,there's just nothing like home made is there .

  11. Sorry I am late visiting but am trying to visit everyone this time round. If you are away hope you are having a great time/have a great time. That's a lot of jam. Homemade is so much better, Happy 2012 Anne x

  12. From the looks of all those jars, you have your work cut out for you! There are a group here in the states that make cards for soldiers too. Our group is Operation Write Home. Isn't it nice to make cards for a cause? Have a wonderful 2012...

  13. Home made things always taste so much nicer than shop bought. I am ashamed to say that I only use apricot jam for attaching the marzipan to the Christmas cake. I have gone back to making our own bread from basic ingredients after seeing just how many additives there are in shop stuff - what a difference, so much more flavour. Hope your trip goes really well. Maggie #72


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