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What do I do?

Posted 14 October 2009
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A lot of questions have been thrown at me about why I make so many cards. First of all I love making cards and wanted to find a way to utilize them somewhere.

These are the three non profit organisations that I send my cards to Operation Write Home (OWH) and From Our Hearts and Any Soldier/Airman/Marine, I also support the Australian Troops too.

The cards are blank and get sent to the troops and they in turn write in them and send them home to their loved ones, it is hard for them to get cards to write home and having these handmade cards sent to them encourages them to write home, boosts their morale and keeps them in touch with family back home.

It is very rewarding making these handmade cards for them, knowing that in a roundabout way they are all giving of their lives to help make this world a better place.
Here's another card I made in 10minutes, a challenge that I have taken on every Thursday. Read more about it HERE and HERE


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