Tuesday, December 09, 2014

T for Tuesday

 We planted some chilli trees and tomato and blueberries a few weeks ago, these are the results

I then realised I had enough colours and shapes to make a smiley face.

This is our miniature garden, you can see sage, mint, rosemary, curry leaf, blueberry and more.

For some unknown reason Google has decided they would like to make my blog safe so they have introduced unbeknownst to me the reCAPTCHA facility where you have to type in a housenumber. I have not discovered how to remove it yet. Thanks Elizabeth for bringing it to my attention. I have noticed most blogs have it now.

Linking up with Bluebeard and Elizabeth's T for Tuesday


  1. I was very impressed that you were already harvesting food. It took two years to get my first blackberry. Of course, my plant was much smaller when I planted it.

    I like your lovely smiley face, too. Did you know your blog is asking me to fill in numbers? Has blogger gone mad, or did you start this?

    Thanks for joining T this week. Now I'm off to vote for your card.

  2. HA! I made it in time to vote for your card this week.
    Thanks for the hint on how to be rid of the verification, hope it stays away now!
    LOVE your smiley face.

  3. Verification is no longer on your comments..........;)

  4. sweet smily face and yum in general!

  5. Lovely card. I have placed my vote.

  6. Didn't get here in time to vote, but your card is beautiful! and love the fresh, colorful results of your mini garden! happy T day!

  7. Such fun what you have growing in your little garden and your smiley face is just perfect too!
    Lovely card...I guess it's already tomorrow for you so I missed voting.
    Happy T Day

  8. Blogger/Google has gone mad. But I was told you can totally ignore it and just click publish and it will work anyways. I have it, too, and have chosen to have no word verification, but blogger has done it regardless of peoples preferences.

    I couldn't vote. It just took me to a page that said you got an honorable mention already. Nice that you are harvesting so soon. Happy T-Day! :)

  9. OOooo love the card and the food! Your garden looks great!! Hugs! deb

  10. That card is gorgeous!
    Happy T day on Wednesday!

  11. Hello and happy T day, sorry I'm late. I love your holiday card, hope you won. What a cute smiley face, way to go on your garden, enjoy the harvest.


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