Tuesday, December 02, 2014

T for Tuesday- Recipe and storm

I found a recipe to make cranberry pickle from the Odd Pantry.   It is awesome. I used dried cranberries as I have never seen fresh ones.

Cranberry Pickle
Makes 1 cup

225g (½  lb.) fresh cranberries (I used dried)
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp red chilli powder or to taste ( I used a achar mix store bought)
1 tbsp fenugreek seeds (Had no fenugreek so I used black mustard seeds)

1 cup or more mustard oil

Dry cranberries completely and cut each in half. Toss with salt and chilli. Lay them on a non-reactive tray in one layer, cover with cheesecloth and sun for a couple of days and toss with a clean spoon. Over the days the salt will draw out the moisture and air-dry the cranberries. After 3 -7 days they will look dehydrated and shrivel. Pound fenugreek sees in a mortar and pestle or in a clean coffee grinder. Mix in with cranberries. Place cranberries into a sterilized glass jar. Heat mustard oil in a pot and pour into jar with cranberries.

Cover and enjoy. No need to refrigerate.

Last thursday 27 November we had a flash storm, I went outside and got a photo of it approaching, luckily I was at home to close all the windows. It hailed the size of 20c pieces in our area but other areas did not fare well and got golf size or tennis ball size hail.  Lots of damage amounting to $200 million dollars in the whole state. 50 suburbs were affected. Power went out for other suburbs for 18 hours. Because we are on the same grid as the hospital our power flashed off and back on again within 1 minute. My family were the unlucky ones.

I have been drinking lots of powerade especially at work when I work outside as I've been getting heat affected with dehydration and no matter how much water I drink I need that electrolyte or else I end up with a whopping headache.

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  1. It's great that you could substitute various ingredients and still make a great recipe. That recipe starts a lot like sun dried tomatoes. It would be interesting to try if it weren't so cold here. I fear this is a summertime event, which of course it is in your part of the world.

    Sorry to read about the hail. I can relate to power outages in my neighborhood. The really frustrating thing is, the people across the street have lights, as do the people on the next block behind me. I hope your family's power is back on soon.

    Thanks for joining for T this week. I remember when I worked in industry, we had salt tablets. Not as good as your powerade, though.

  2. I love cranberries so must give this a try! fab weather photo!

  3. Looks yummie this cranberry thing---
    Oh gosh - I am sorry about this bad hail! ( we had such a dilemma here two and a half years ago... horrible!) ... I feel with you!
    Keep care of you!

    Happy T- DAY!

  4. That cranberry recipe sounds fabulous - pity DH is not an adventurous eater... That must have been some storm!! Thankfully our hail the other day our hail was only about 2 - 5 mm across!

  5. cranberry chutney looks good sorry you had that storm and perhaps the weather is causing you to have headaches..wish you well

  6. I see fresh cranberries in the stores, but since the first step is to dry the cranberries I think I'd join you in just getting the dried ones to start with. Thanks for the recipe. Looks interesting :)

  7. What an interesting recipe. I will have to give it a try. Hope the heat lets up for you, you are wise to stay hydrated meanwhile.


  8. Hi Bridget, Happy T-day, and thank you for visiting my blog this week.

    I went to vote for your card, but it had already closed. Time zones can mess things up at times.

    Your hail storm sounded nasty and devastating. It can do so much damage in such a short time. Glad to hear you got luck with the electricity.

    Your cranberries sound interesting. Have a great week

  9. Wow that was some storm. So glad you escaped all the damage. Your cranberries look interesting. Happy T day. Nan G

  10. haven't tried or heard of cranberry pickle, but it does sound good...so glad you weathered the storm ok. wish you could send me some of your summer heat...I am cold and drinking hot tea!

  11. Hello and Happy T Day a day late. Your cranberry pickle sounds good, I love cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, goes so well with turkey.
    Glad you made it ok in the storm, I don't like those kinds. Going without power is never fun, hope that's the last one in a long time.

  12. A 'flash storm' Wow thats odd! I'm so glad you weren't heavily damaged. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  13. I heard about that hail storm and googled it--OMG! There was sure a lot of damage. So glad that you were okay. You did capture quite a picture of the storm bearing down, though. Happy belated T-Day! :)

  14. What an awesome looking cloud bank! Your cranberry pickle sounds very interesting.
    Happy late T day!

  15. I don't have much time in the day to get to my emails hence I've one just seen this. Visited my dear sister, Bridget, in Dec and got to try her Cranberry pickle....OMG!...SO YUMMIE!!! I forgot to steal a jar to bring back to NZ with me :(


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