Tuesday, January 19, 2016

T for Tuesday

 Wow I cant believe how long its been since I last played, Nov 10th. I've had tea and eaten out but nothing interesting until my daughter sent me this tea set for Christmas, funny but it arrived around Christmas and was sitting outside the front door for 3 weeks without our knowledge, we come into the house via the backdoor.
 As you can see it's a gorgeous set of teas and tins, Emma said she bought if for me for the tins as she knows I love tins.
Now to enjoy my teas and report back which ones are my favourites, such a shame to drink it all hey

Joining Elizabeth and Bluebeard for Tea for Tuesdays


  1. Haha, that gave me a good chuckle for the day.

  2. Oops, pay s to check the front door occasionally :-). Looks a wonderful set of teas, and tins!

  3. Your tea looks great, good that you found it. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. At my previous home I also entered through the back door, because the garage was there. I love the backstory because I can certainly relate. Were it not for checking my mailbox, which was at the front door, I might never have gone there, either. Sounds like you live in a very safe neighborhood.

    Love the looks of those tins, but will be anxious to see which teas are the best in your opinion. They ALL look wonderful to me.

    Thanks for sharing your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. this box of Teas Looks like a treasure box - very elegant and the prints on the top are awesome! enjoy them!! happy t-day!

  6. wow..what a great set of teas! Happy T-Day!

  7. Beautiful box of T-now that you have it you can enjoy a nice big cup a day! Happy T Day!

  8. Good thing your package stayed at your door for you to find it-I don't think a pkg would have sat at our door that long... the teas look really good and what a sweet set of tins too. Happy T day and enjoy!

  9. Looks like you got quite a variety of teas. I know it'll be fun taste-testing :)

  10. How nice that the tea finally found you LOL
    I am a sucker for things in tins too.
    The teas look lovely.
    Happy T Day oxo

  11. OMGoodness! You're lucky the package was still there. They are very pretty tins. Hope the tea is good, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  12. Oh my! Can I come and help you with those teas? The set looks wonderful. I would keep the tins too.
    Happy T Day!!

  13. What a gorgeous box of teas! So sweet of your daughter to think of you when she saw this collection.
    That it sat on the doorstep for so long I can totally understand. We have more than one entrance too. Your parcel has reminded me to check regularly.
    Sorry for the late comment, I've been out all day.
    Happy T-day,

  14. What fabulous tins! I would be happy with this gift even though I don't drink tea! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  15. Glad you eventually found the package!!! I love tins also and those do look nice. Hope the tea is to your liking also .

  16. How lucky that your package was still there! The teas and tins look wonderful. (Sorry I'm so late getting around to all the T for Tuesday posts.)


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