Saturday, January 30, 2016

February A Month of Letters/Cards/Envelopes

I saw this challenge last year but was too late to sign up so I bookmarked the page to do it this year. Boy has that year gone fast. That is when I joined postcrossing and nearly a year and many postcards/letters and lots of friendships made. I now have a wonderful collection of postcards/letters and many other things like bookmarks, chocolate, tea bags and a glorious set of decorated envelopes (which I hope to start again), etc.

The new friendships are the most precious, even those that don't write but visit my blog and at this point I need to mention one that to me is an unofficial 'friend' that has no idea that the envelope he sent was exactly what I needed when it arrived. Thank you Finnbadger, I want you to know that your generosity in sending me a 'spare' envelope even though I had not signed up for Decorated Envelopes was a lifesaver.

EDITED: to add the envelope now that I have found it

EDITED: two days later when I noticed the note inside had this on it, (insert tears of gratitude again!!). The note said "I guess you don't get snow in Geebung (insert loud guffaw laughter) so here are a few snowflakes".

I laughed because I live in a tropical climate where the temperatures in winter is comfortable at 10C, compared to where we moved from 2 years ago where it was -6C, not quite snowing but freezing anyway.

And for those who comment, it also brightens my day, no matter how small. My most prolific commentor is a cardmaking friend from across the pond- Maxine - you have been a faithful follower for many years and your comments that arrive in my mailbox for each post is so uplifting.

Sometimes you never know when your lifesaving gift are like little prayers in a package with a stamp on it, turns up to someone who really needs it. No matter how small it is, it means so much to the recipient and is the best thing that could heal someone out of the blue. (Ok getting a bit teary here lol)

So for the Month of Letters Challenge I challenge you to send a card/letter/envelope everyday to someone random or someone close, you never know who may be needing it.

So whose up for the challenge? I'll be posting what I send each day, so if you follow my blog and I have your address watch out for mail. You never know!!

How appropriate that this month happens to be Valentine's Day month.

I'll also share what I receive as well. (now to hunt down Finnbadgers envelope that I put in a safe place so I can scan and share).

I found this interesting link on how to Address Mail,
very interesting and useful so your mail doesn't go astray

If you'd like to surprise me feel free to do so and I'll reciprocate, just write on your mail
A MONTH OF LETTERS so I know where it has come from

Bridget Larsen
P O Box 81
Geebung QLD 4034


  1. {{{hugs}}} Bridget - I know what you mean by 'life saving' moments, and blog comments can sometimes be in that category. your months sounds fun :-) and I look forward to seeing what you receive.

  2. Glad the envelope arrived at just the right time. I like your idea encouraging people to send a letter just because.

    1. I edited it twice now since it went up with additions Phillip

    2. Looks like this one traveled well. And I laughed that you didn't notice the glitter letter Beach right away.

    3. That is supposed to be 'letter B' not letter Beach!

      Inaccurate comment brought to you by autocorrect.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. At first I thought "I've missed the Beach as well". yeah right blame it in autocorrect!!!

  3. A lovely snowflaky envelope, with snowflakes stamps to match. Wonderful. And it arrived at the right moment too. Perfect!
    I cannot commit to sending something every day. I can't afford it. Postage has gone up so much. I've calculated seven stamps would cost me as much as my weekly butcher's bill, just to get it in perpective. But I think it's a great initiative and I will continue to do Postcrossing as and when I can. I'm also trying to source those pockets so I can participate in a pocket letter.

    1. It's quite sad that as time goes by the often drastic increases in postage (although haven't seen too many like the recent big jump for Australia) that sending letters is becoming more of a luxury item.

    2. I know hey Finn, from 70c to $1.00 its criminal


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