Friday, January 01, 2016

Going green - dishcloth

I've always loved doing stuff from scratch ever since my friend Nola served me one of her delicious homemade cakes. The smell (I call it the country smell) in her kitchen was so homely. Sometimes I just want to bake a cake just to make the house smell nice.

I've made my own soap and would like to try again.

I want to make my own soy candles as the ones I buy are so expensive and i burn a lot of nice smelling candles a lot.

So over on the Down to Earth  forum we have a challenge to make a dishcloth a week so at the end of the year we have enough to give as presents.

Ok back up here, in October my aunt came from Seattle USA to visit and brought her dish cloth pattern to share, I got hooked on it and have made a few for Chrissy presents but ran out of time. My family are using them as face washers because the cotton is so soft on the skin.

Here is my first dishcloth, which is actually a scrubbie, the wool came from Lincraft and is quite hard to use, I won't be touching that thread for awhile LOL.

I found 52 free dishcloth patterns for download.
Here is the HIVE pattern

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