Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WOYWW #142

I am moving all my photography posts to this blog HERE

That time of the week again to show 
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
Doing the happy dance this week
got offered a new job that I start next month, so looking forward to it
 You'd think I took this shot at night, its 5pm and its still light outside.
I've been busy this last week playing in challenges so those are the 
cards you can see on my desk, and a tutorial on the next project
I want to do which is a 3D Item.
This is the view from the other side, and look at the mess!!!
I'm ashamed lol, not really, I am trying to tidy up the table against
the wall so everything is on my work desk (one of them).

So feel free to play in my Pay It Forward and win yourself 
a handmade prize from me. 
The link will stay up the top until it is drawn on March 31st.

Hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see more creative desks
P.S have any of you noticed I'm always around 51-54 in line at Julia's, 
I can never get in front or out back hahahhaha.
This week 54, last week 53, previous week 51, then 53.


  1. Nice cards! Love your working place. Good, that you have something to eat, too :D
    Have a nice day !
    Tuire #37

  2. Congratulations on the job Bridget. Love your workspace - so much there, would love the dig in and have real good snoop.

    Ann B

  3. Pretty cards! Good luck with the new job.

  4. ....pretty looking cards in the background...have a lovely week...Mel :)

  5. Love the cards! I hope everything goes well for you with your new job :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  6. What a great desk the cards look lovely. Congratulations on your new job, how exciting for you. Laura

  7. Congratulations on the new job! Your cards are very pretty. Love the colours.
    My daughter didn't get to your area but saw many different cities, Whitsunday Island, an ocean cruise, and is now in Margaret River. She leaves on Mar 1 (my birthday) and will have been in your lovely country for 2 months! Lucky girl.

  8. Wow you are busy. Is that your dinner there too?

  9. Hi Bridget - notice how I have dropped back considerably - I can't stay up at night.
    Your desk just looks busy and so interesting and I like those cards in the top shot.
    Hugs and thanks for sharing - Neet 33 xx

  10. Beautiful cards, great news about the job, lots of luck, Hugs May x x x x

  11. Congrats on the job news. Fab desk and great cards. Enjoy this week's WOYWW snoop around the crafty & creative world. Take care Zo xx 81

  12. what a wonderful workspace, looks great to me, beautiful cards as well.

  13. I'm always in the triple digits on WOYWW, what with being part way round the globe. Kudos on your consistency! It looks like you have had fun making cards lately! Thanks for sharing all the parts of your creative area. I've had two friends email me that they are showing their husbands my post to prove they don't own too much yet. Oooh!

  14. I don't know if you have used your camera in manual mode, but I am just practicing taking pictures in a darken room on my WOYWW pictures. I took mine early this morning with no outside light so maybe it can help you too! Joined you blog and waving hi from the hills of North Carolina!

  15. Love your pot full of die cut borders, they're as good as flowers and frankly more reliable! Was surprised to see how busy your full on tables are, crikey - how may screens?! Congratulations on the new job, how exciting!
    Numbers...all a mystery to me..I'm posting at about 1230, 1AM on Wednedays now, but that's have to work it out...but being in the fifties isn't so bad, surely?!

  16. Is that your lunch there too? Looks like you are too busy to eat!

  17. congats on your new job. your workdesk is well loved! i think i see lunch there too? the cards look great by the way.

    happy woyww

  18. The cards you made are beautiful! I had a closer look in the posts below! Your space is great, so much to see and yet still very clean!
    xoxo Karen #93

  19. Love the way you embellish your cards so beautifully, Bridget. Congrats on the new job!

  20. Congratulations on the job and Nice cards!

  21. A little late visiting.. like your cards and your work space it great

  22. I am a bit late getting around this week but I forgot to post on Wednesday and have been busy all week. Just wanted to make the rounds and remind everyone my blog candy closes on Tuesday night of next week and I will announce winners on Wednesday. Drop by become a follower and leave a comment for a chance to win. Vickie #173

  23. Lovely cards, Bridget - really pretty! I used to be like you, always more or less in the middle of the list, but the last couple of weeks Julia has been kind enough to owls like me, to put up the WOYWW post in the wee small hours and this week I managed to get in at #19!! This suits me fine!

    Thanks for popping by my blog and I'm glad you like my butterfly project.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #19

  24. Big congratulations and what a desk - is that three screens I spy! Thanks for letting us look in, enjoy WOYWW and your week, a late Sarah at 16.

  25. Crafts are messy--I'm so relieved to see someone else who gets messy when they craft, too!!! :) Those cards on your desk look amazing! :)

  26. Hi there Bridget -so glad to hear your great news - what a great blessing.. and love the the space trying to sort a huge mess here too and not playing tomorrow at this stage unless a new days appears before Wed., thanks so much for popping over, and for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #27


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