Saturday, October 07, 2017

Making Chicken Fodder

Our lovely neighbour Mandy whose house was on the market when we were looking but has since pulled it off market (thank goodness, she is one of the loveliest neighbours we have met so far on the island), has chickens and ducks that she has kindly given us their eggs to us regularly. 

I saw on a blog I follow Home is my Haven how to grow chicken fodder, so I am practising growing fodder for Mandy's chickens because I want some chickens of our own as well. 

So firstly I soaked 1 cup of each grains, forgot to wash them first lol

This is what it looks like overnight, I then drained and rinsed them and now they are drying in colanders. Each morning and night I rinse out the beans until they start to sprout.

When they sprout i will be putting them into these drawers to grow? 
The height of the drawers are perfect for chicken food. 

I poked holes in each draw with a scissors as that is all I had to work with LOL. 
The bottom drawer does not have holes so it can catch all the water that drips through.

Day 2 of chicken fodder growth coming on nicely. the instructions on how to make chicken fodder lies on top of the drawers, just to remind me how LOL.

I fried up two eggs for breakfast yesterday, check out how yellow the yolks are in truly free range eggs.  I cant wait to grow my own chickens. Yes that is a really tiny frypan that holds two eggs, could probably hold 3 eggs if I squeezed them in.


  1. My DIL grows chicken fodder, but not to the height you are. They were away recently and I feed the fowls, and gathered the eggs - YUM!!

  2. I have never heard of chicken fodder. But that looks like how you make bean sprouts. Very healthy. :)

  3. I have not Heard of chickens eating bean sprouts.But looking at the color of those yolks, it does them good. Here they eat grains(wheat, barley, rye etc) together with fruit (grapes mainly)

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