Monday, November 07, 2011


My beautiful daughters and thoughtful husband planned a surprise party for my 50th last November unbeknowns to me and I only found out on the morning of the arrival of about 25 relatives from New Zealand, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney that they were coming to stay and eat.
I grabbed everything off my craft dining table and threw it on the side table and they have stayed there to this day~sad I know~but I only had time to do that as I had to get out of bed on the one day I wanted to sleep in and go to the airport for the day of shuttling back and forth to pick up the relatives.
Here is my gorgeous Emma
My gorgeous Keira
I just happen to have this pumpkin and 
didn't know what to do with it,
everyone got stuck into it with a carving knife 
and this is what they did to it~
So I guess no pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie!!!
My family know I love ELVIS so they bought an
 Elvis wig and each one tried it out.
This is Emma and my brother Ian
 another brother Lawrence and his then girlfriend Mere
 Hubby Michael and Emma
Nephew Taine
Then the party started to get heavy, not sure what they were skulling but because I don't drink I don't own any shot glasses so they discovered my mini beaker and used that instead
 Keira and Campos
 Niece Larissa
 Sister Vivian
Emma My mum and Keira
 Group photo
L-R Mere, Ian, Virginia, Ivan, Juan, Lana, Me, Larissa, Emma, Keira, Lawrence, Michael
 We always take a photo of the kids when we get together from oldest to youngest
Keira, Larissa, Lana, Emma, Timara, Jamie,Taine
missing from that generation are Ilona and Kevin

 Ian clowing around with the 50 cut out from the pumpkin
 Lawrence, Ian and Michael
All in all it was a wonderful surprise 
weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it
 P.S.. they still can't get me to drink and never will~no reason whatsoever~ I just can't stand to drink liquor

It's only a year later than I can bear to
celebrate my half century LOL
and look back and laugh.

Tomorrow I will post up birthday cards I have received this year


  1. looks as though you have a fabulous whanau!

  2. How wonderful that your husband and daughters planned and executed a birthday bash for you. Glad you shared and hope this year's is/was a very happy one!

  3. Such great images, Bridget! and of course, I'm late wishing you the happiest of birthdays THIS year! Big Hugs!


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