Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fences #9

Happy Thanksgiving to you all !!
(because its Thursday for the Northern Hemisphere
when it is Friday for us down south)
So glad you all enjoyed my wannabe fences last week here

This is my back fence with a flower peering over it,
our neighbour planted some flowers which is actually
a public area but from the other side it looks wonderful
Here is a larger view of the above scene
...and this is it looking from other side of the fence
Hope over to Janis' Blog to see more gorgeous
fences and scenery behind them


  1. Love that fence, and the way the flower peeks over!

  2. I like how the flowers peek over the fence.

  3. The flower peeking over is just so darn pretty! Thanks for playing FF

  4. I love the weathered grey wood!

  5. That's a pretty weathered gray fence. I like it.

  6. Love your fence. It looks like one my son would have built. The view over it is magnificent. You must live in a beautiful neighborhood. I like the stonework at the base of the fencing and the sections between the wood. Very, very attractive. genie

  7. What a fortunate vista you have! Hope your house sits high enough that you can enjoy it. Like everyone else, I'm charmed by that pink bloom peering over the grey weathered fence. And thanks for remember T-day in the U.S.--it's a favorite holiday--for everyone except turkeys, I suppose. :-)

  8. aha! there ARE some real fences there! :) nice! and the turkeys made me laugh.

  9. Nice fence; I particularly like the stone foundation of it. What a pretty view you have from your side of the fence!

    Thanks for your visit and comment about my Friday fence. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend. =)

    P.S. Loved your turkey humor!

  10. nice shots! thanks for your visit :)

  11. I love the weathered gray with the flower peeking over. well done.

  12. oooohhhh i just love the flower peaking over!!

    i consider anything on the property line to be mine as well ;)

  13. If I were a turkey, I would want to live with a vegetarian. lol

    Love the pale pink of the flower against the weathered wood. Beautiful.


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