Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Decorated Envelope - September - Ava Campbell Texas USA

I am assuming this envelope is part of the Envelope Exchange for September, the clue was that it was empty.

I love the idea of writing a poem on the front as part of the design...here I was thinking I had run out of ideas to decorate envelopes.

Jean Wilson and Jan Hardt of Pushing the Envelope display more envelope designs and organise this envelope exchange every month


  1. What a cute envelope - I guess as far as decorating them goes there is always a new idea waiting to be revealed.

  2. Bridget, thank you for your wonderful quadruple "Wow" comment on my blog about my Zentangle cards! Lol! You are my greatest fan, I think! I have emailed you. I have been following your postcard project with interest. It sounds a fun idea.



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