Friday, October 30, 2015

Interesting Reading

Glass Gem Corn too good to eat

A great lesson in adversity using carrot, egg and coffee

How to make Paste Paper

The Calligraphy Office in the White House

Beautiful black and white postcards to view

A wonderful artist decided to cheer her friend up with illustrated postcards of Morris Mouse adventures

The face of napalm human suffering, wonders of science can give her a better life

JingJing the penguin, an unlikely friendship

Check out this cool tutorial using tiles, sharpies and isopopryl

Down to Earth posted this homemade Tomato Mozzaralla and Basil pizza, I love homemade and our basil has decided to replant itself into every other pot plant surrounding it lol

 Basil in chilli plant on left
Basil in thyme, luckily I like basil


  1. Oh yes, the basil can almost be invasive!! I have read a couple pf those links and they are worth reading.

  2. You should sit your basil in a garden bed whilst it is going to seed so that they drop and grow on their own for next time. I have basil popping up everywhere now. I love basil too x

    1. As you can see we have cement garden, thats why everything we plant is in pots


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