Friday, October 23, 2015

Interesting Reading - Triggers Big Trek around Australia

I saw on facebook channel 9 news this trek around Australia to raise funds for PTSD, a man and his dog Royce and Trigger, fascinating story of one mans goal to raise funds for this, a journey that will take him 2 years or more to do. Triggers big Trek. Follow his journey on this MAP. He started his journey about 27 September 2015, I will be following it and updating here as well.
Go Royce and Trigger!!!


  1. That's quite some trek - I look forward to the updates

  2. You certainly find some interesting stories for your blog, Bridget! This is amazing. I love the buggy thing he's got for his equipment for the long trek. I am sure he will do well for an excellent cause. I have a friend on one of the forums I'm on with PTSD - he's an ex US Marine who was very badly wounded.

    Thank you for your lovely comment! I am so glad you like my alphabet letters. More to come! I am really hoping they will let me run a little class at the cancer info centre because I am sure it would benefit a lot of people. Wish you could come flying over to join us lol!

    Another bad day today but it will soon be over. Just got to rest and ride the tide till I'm through it. At least there are no more treatments to follow so we're on the way up now!



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